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01-18-2018, 07:41 AM
Hi John,
First thank you for such a positive forum, I was wondering if you still use and or recommend a rebounder?
Thanks Bill
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01-18-2018, 09:07 AM
Hello Bill 1928,

The answer is a very affirmative YES!

I am 100% sold on the benefits of REBOUNDING as a master method of cellular detoxification. While certainly not the only way it is perhaps the easiest way to activate the lymphatic system. I say this because Rebounding is one of the few exercises that one can do to maximize the effects of gravity in a positive sense. Another reason that I like rebounding is because of how it activates and enhances the sense of balance that is often over looked completely in strength and fitness programs. For the most part B-A-L-A-N-C-E is overlooked in most fitness programs to the same extent as the 'Neck' is. In other words there is no mention of it. And yet balance is a critical attribute for long life.

One other point is that by performing rebounding and bouncing as high and powerfully as you possibly can you will activate all of the body's muscles in a full body Isometric Contraction to stabilize your body and keep it upright throughout the full range. Or, to put it another way, rebounding enhances the sense of 'muscle control'.

The question you did not ask but that I will answer is 'how much time do I spend on rebounding?'

Answer: at this point it's about 3 minutes a day for the purpose of activating the lymphatic system. My workouts are primarily composed of Iso-Dynamic Exercises with 80% of my actual workout time being Isometric Contraction. I don't consider rebounding to be a part of my workouts.

---John Peterson

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