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Back Pain and How to Fix It
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05-07-2019, 02:31 PM
Hello Everyone,

A friend of mine by the name of Tom Bleasedale sent me a link to an article about back pain and pointed out that the chiropractic physician in the video is recommending the same kinds of exercises that we have been sharing for years. Tom also told me that on another video the man is gung-ho about Isometrics and against weight lifting which he used to do until he was a victim of back pain himself.

Here's the clip:

Note: There are two major contributors to back pain and they are weak muscles of the core that are not supporting the upper body structure as they should and excessive weight bearing that causes continual compression. In America today there are a great many people, (one-third of the population) that are classified as obese and generally speaking, when someone is obese they are likely to have weak muscles and are under a state of continual compression if that is the case.

---John Peterson
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