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Isometrics: Corrective & Protective
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11-14-2017, 03:44 PM
Hello Everyone,

I have a friend Dr. J. Thompson that had been a weightlifter virtually all of his life from age 14 to 44. I met him at the Church we attend 15 years ago. He told me that he reluctantly quit weightlifting because of cumulative injuries to his shoulders, knees, lower back and hips. When I say 'reluctantly' I mean 'RELUCTANTLY' Dr Thompson was totally hooked on moving heavy iron and told me that he was psychologically if not physically addicted to it and that he went through withdrawal symptoms just as if he were getting off a hardcore drug. Like so many others he tried swimming and cardio machines but nothing has given him the intense muscular workout that he was longing for and literally craving. On Sunday I gave him one of my new Power Belts and coached him on a Pressing and Curling Workout that included a total of 30X 3 stage contractions. I SHOWED HIM exactly what to do not having the photos yet shot.

Today, he emailed me stating that he HAS NOT been able to get this kind of an intense muscular workout since he gave up the weights BUT ALSO that the Isometric Power Belt Workout allows him to strengthen angles he could never reach with weights. He said, "I wish I would have known about this 45 years ago when I was 14, I could have accomplished a great deal more without ever injuring myself." I invited him to call me and we just now got off the phone.

Here is the bottom line, Dr Thompson told me, "John, I would have never believed it if I had not experienced it myself. I have never done that type of direct muscular work in my life. Today, I have soreness all over my body but it's a good kind of sore because I know that it's because I have reactivated dormant muscles that were just coasting. I have a feeling that now I'll be able to accomplish a great deal more than I ever thought possible." After he had made his point I told him, "Doc, listen, YOU are only at the beginning stage. Once you truly learn how to fully contract your muscles you won't believe what will happen as a result. Within weeks you will have learned how to contract at close to 100% intensity. The key is the three stage contraction that allows you to ramp up safely. With Power Belt Isometrics YOU will learn complete muscle and breath control that cannot be as safely and completely applied with any other method."

My friends, what I told Dr. Thompson also applies to you. There is no way on earth that you could possibly train at 100% maximum intensity in complete safety using any other method. Isometric Contraction is the ultimate method integrating Mind/Body Strength. This is especially true relating to stimulating natural hormone production. INTENSITY is the key. The only problem with INTENSITY created through the use of heavy weights is the fact that they are pulling straight down and the heavier they are the more compression they cause to the entire spinal column plus the wear and tear they cause to joints, ligaments,and tendons.

With Isometrics as taught with the Isometric Power Belt you can go ALL THE WAY to your ABSOLUTE MAX in complete safety with ZERO COMPRESSION and complete strengthening workout for all of the joints and connective tissues. It's All Gain and No Pain.

---John Peterson

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