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How Much, How Often
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05-26-2020, 05:03 PM
Hello Everyone,

My nephew asked me about Isometric training frequency yesterday and whether or not it's really advisable to train every day. I think it's a question that just about everyone has at one point or another regardless of what type of training he undertakes.

It all really comes down to, 'How do I know I'm doing enough?' and, "How do I know when I'm doing too much?'

The Answer: When you wake up in the morning do you feel energized or drained? Do you feel strong and enthusiastic about working out? Or is it something you dread? When it comes to isometrics you are trying to achieve maximal contractions on each and every contraction. So that means that most men will be limited to only so many contractions before they start depleting NERVE FORCE.

The bottom line with Isometrics is to NOT DEPLETE NERVE FORCE. When You train with Isometrics you will feel an extraordinary surge of energy and feel good emotions that literally flood your bloodstream and you need to stop at that point BEFORE you lose it. If you go beyond that point you will deplete NERVE FORCE. For me personally (and I have mastered Ultra Intense Contraction) 12 Ultra Intense Contractions in a single workout is usually my peak. I then use a weight vest for a series of push-ups, squats, and other Iso-Dynamic Exercises. Bottom line: You need to stop when you feel at your strongest, happiest, and most energized. Otherwise, you'll have to take a day or two off in order to recover. I learned the hard way.

---John Peterson

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