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Dennis Rogers and Push-Ups for Re-hab...
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05-27-2011, 10:05 AM
Hey Friends,

Yesterday I had the pleasure of talking with Dennis Rogers. As many of you know, at certain types of strength feats, Dennis Rogers is without equal and may in fact be the world's strongest man, bar none. So yesterday when he called I answered the phone the same way I always do when Susan tells me, "Dennis Rogers is on line 14." I picked up the phone and said, "How's my bar bending, chain breaking friend from Texas today?" That cracks him up. Anyway we were talking about training and injuries and I mentioned to him how our friend Jack King had used the Push-Up with his feet elevated at a great angle to totally rehabilitate his injured shoulders. I mentioned how the infusion of highly oxygenated, nutrient rich blood had healed the muscles and connective tissues in Jack's shoulders over the course of time. So much so that Jack actually thought that his shoulders were healed to the point that he could go back to the heavy weights that he enjoyed and within a year Jack was subsequently re-injured worse than ever. Dennis listened intently and then told me that he had at one point visited a chiropractor for an adjustment (just like yours truly Dennis is a strong believer in Chiropractic health care) and that on this particular occasion the chiropractor said, "I'm going to adjust your shoulders." And then he proceeded to nearly tear a tendon in Dennis' left shoulder. Dennis said that it was a severe and debilitating injury and that he literally had to brace his left arm against his body in order to perform certain feats of strength. He then reminded me, "John, these were strength feats that I used to do with my arms straight out in front of me so that tells you how bad the injury really was." He then said, "That part you said about Jack's feet being elevated at a great angle and that it caused nutrient rich, highly oxygenated blood to be pumped into the tissues of his shoulders is exactly what happened with me. I didn't know why, but now that you explain it, it makes perfect sense."

Anyway, I thought that many of my loyal friends and forum members here would like to know that Dennis Rogers himself had much the same experience as Jack King in completely rehabilitating his shoulders by performing Push-Ups with his feet elevated at a steep angle. In my case, my favorite single exercise for upper upper body development is the Atlas III Push-Up with my feet elevated at 36" and my hands on 12" boxes so that I can get an added stretch at the bottom of the movement. Jack performed his push-Ups with his feet elevated at 24" and with his hands on the floor as did Dennis Rogers. The important thing is the angle. Properly performed with deep breathing and high volume it is a perfect health, strength, and fitness exercise. When done with great focus and attention to detail it is without equal as a body sculpting exercise. And don't forget, in some cases and for certain types of injuries, you simply can't do better for rehabilitation.

---John Peterson

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05-28-2011, 09:44 AM
Hello! :-)

That's truly my experience!
After a serious injury from weights and other stunts...
..nothing (even chiropractor) healed me in such a way than push-ups!
First, I did them in partial-movment. Still, I do. But now, I add other styles of pushups.
My strength is back. Even further! Yes, I lift the same weight (due to labor) as before.

But better. I have enough energy to do more this day!

And true is - I look more muscular than before!

That's my proof for: Push-up IS KING!!
You don't have to be great to start,
but you have to start to be great!
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05-28-2011, 11:53 PM
There is also the Miracle 7, mine was just a bum shoulder, stiffness, pain, less flexibity then the other shoulder, not worth operating on but a pain in the butt. The Miracle 7 fixed me and many others on the forum, but that might not work for all, there are alternatives; yes pushups work but there some can use the M7 to heal. God bless all of you in pain.

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05-31-2011, 08:01 PM
Dennis Rogers is an absolute animal and I have been a huge, huge fan of his since before coming across PYTP and this site...when I was entrenched in a big way in the world of bending.

Thank you for the post and his insights, John !
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jeffreyga jeffreyga is offline
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06-01-2011, 05:03 PM
My shoulder got so bad I couldn't even do regular military pushups without real pain. After reading IPR & Miracle 7 & joining this forum I've given up weights (for now). I Spin 3 days a week, walk 3 days a week, do Miracle 7 every other day plus Isometric Power Belt sets, and 100 pushups everyday. The 4th set of 25 pushups just became easier than the 1st so now I'm going to increase to 200. Only now I'll add different angles. So thanks for that perspective. I do extra McSweeney High Reaches everyday. I can't believe the difference I feel in just 4 weeks.
I was a gymnast in my youth & always enjoyed strength & flexibility. I'll turn 58 in a couple of weeks & after 2 shoulder & 2 lumbar spinal surgeries I was beginning to feel old and weak despite my weightlifting. What's the saying?...insanity is doing the same things over & over & expecting different results? This forum & John's books & philosophies got me trying something different.
I'm a believer...pushups ARE king! Maybe I'll even get to where I can do HTPUs again.
Thank you all.
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