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John, Will a Macro Biotic Diet Heal Cancer?
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08-30-2014, 06:23 PM
Hey Men,

I received an e-mail from the same man that asked me about the "Hallelujah Diet" and now he is asking me about whether or not a Macro Biotic Diet will heal his cancer. When he had first asked about the "Hallelujah Diet" I had no idea that he is suffering from cancer.

With the above stated let me just say that I'm sure that Dr Pat Cuntrera (Pat CNJ) would have far greater experience with this than I have and I hope that Dr. Cuntrera will join in, in responding to this man's question.

The word "Macro" in Greek is a combining form meaning “large,” “long,” “great,” “excessive,” and is used in the formation of compound words, The word "biotic" is a Greek word meaning "pertaining to life' So in the Nutritional or Dietary sense, "Macro Biotic" means "Long Life Diet". In fact, the term " macrobiotic" can actually be found in the writings of Hippocrates, who is called the “Father of Western Medicine.” He used it to describe people who enjoyed an extended life and were healthy. Historically, a variation of this diet was found in cultures from the Incas to the Chinese and just about everywhere in between.

In modern times it was George Ohsawa, a Japanese philosopher, that studied this way of eating and brought it to the West—first to Europe, then to North America in the early 1950s. Michio and Aveline Kushi, two of his students, became the most noted proponents of his teachings through their book "Macrobiotic Diet". The Kushis established the Kushi Institute in Boston in 1978.
Madonna, Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow are reported to have brought the Macrobiotic Diet into the commercial spotlight as high-profile adherents.

This Is How It Works:

The Macrobiotic Diet consists of 30 to 35 percent whole grain cereals, especially brown rice, 30 to 40 percent vegetables, five to 10 percent beans and legumes, five percent miso soup (made from fermented
soybeans), and five to 10 percent naturally processed foods. The rest is composed of fish and seafood, seeds, nuts, and fruits. Grains are the basic food, supplemented with vegetables. You avoid all highly processed or refined foods. In many respects The Macrobiotic Diet is similar to a vegan diet, but in macrobiotics certain animal foods are permitted. The original diet was extremely rigid in Japan, but has been Americanized and become less restrictive. On the not recommended or highly restricted list are “nightshade vegetables”—a popular name for plants in the Solanum family, such as tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and eggplant, due to the alkaloid content, thought to negatively affect calcium balance. You are also to avoid over-stimulating foods, such as chocolate, hot spices, chemicals, preservatives, sugar, coffee, and commercial milk. It’s okay to bake, broil, and steam, but no frying is allowed.

You are to chew food thoroughly before swallowing and avoid overeating. Choose local fruit, as fresh as possible, and natural sweets, such as apples. Also use unrefined vegetable oil for cooking. Seasonings are
okay, including natural sea salt, grated ginger root, and sliced scallions.

One of the interesting aspects of macrobiotics is the attempt to balance the “yin and yang” factor. In Chinese culture, yin is usually characterized as slow, soft, cold, wet, and passive. It is generally associated with the feminine, birth, generation, and with the night. Yang,on the other hand, is depicted as solid, dry, fast, focused, hot, and aggressive. It is associated with daytime and masculinity. So in this diet you are taught to pair foods according to their balances of sweet, sour, bland, salty, and similar characteristics. Followers believe (and rightly so) the quality of the food affects health and well-being, even happiness. You adjust foods according to your age, gender, climate, and activity. The advocates also say we are to pay close attention to eating certain foods according to the seasons: In Spring: fresh greens, lighter quality, steam and cook for a short time. Summer: more raw foods, lighter grains. Fall: root vegetables, pumpkins, beans, heavier grains. Winter: root vegetables, pickles, heavier grains.

Many consider the Macrobiotic Diet to be more of a lifestyle than simply a nutrition or diet program. Michio Kushi has also written "The Cancer Prevention Diet" which is a basic macrobiotic approach.

My Take:
This is an extremely hard diet for most people to follow and involves food combining, which might have some short-term clinical benefit for people with various health conditions. However, the human body is a fantastic creation, and healthy people have the ability to digest numerous food combinations very well. There are many good foods and practices within the Macrobiotic system of eating but in my opinion it is too heavy on grains and has too little focus on protein and nutrient density and has no supplementation. Still, there is a lot of wisdom in ancient Eastern eating practices, and we may never fully understand it.

I personally know practitioners of this diet who report success curing disease and in weight loss. The truth is that most people have unhealthy diets, and there is no doubt in my mind they could benefit greatly from changing from their diets to this type of diet as a transition to a new way of eating. Nevertheless, this diet is not sustainable for the vast majority of people, and I believe there are better ways to accomplish the same things. Does it actually cure cancer? Cure is a mighty big word so I won't say that it will cure cancer but I have known people that swear that it does cure cancer or that at the very least it creates the ideal environment to put certain types cancer into remission.

---John Peterson

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09-01-2014, 04:25 PM
I had some thoughts on the macrobiotic diet:

First of all, I do not tell anybody that something will cure cancer. I care preface any conversation by stating that something may assist in one's recovery.

Cancer can not exist in an alkaline environment. This is why treatments like sodium bicarbonate and hyperbaric oxygen chambers have helps some. Foods like fresh fruits and vegatables, and whole grains are alklaline in nature.

Avoiding nightshades is advisable for a number of digestive issues.

Avoiding foods like caffeine, sugar, soda and other foods that can make a person excitable is a good idea for everybody. Let's just keep a little dark chocolate in there for medicinal purposes.

Standard protocol for many illnesses is to prescribe a seventy percent raw foods diet.

We are seasonal beings. We are meant to eat foods that are seasonal to our environment. This is why one should avoid summer fruits when they are offered in the winter months. We also go through learning cycles that change with the seasons as well. More on that later.

Slowing down and chewing your food is just a good idea.

An alkaline environment can be produced in the body by controlling stress. Many cancer patients with 'miraculus' recoveries have reported taking up meditation, gardening and yoga or tai chi.

I agree with John. There are many extremely good elements of this diet. As a whole, it may be impractical for some.

Questions and comments welcome.

A man of wisdom build strength; Proverbs 24:5
Lifeline USA
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09-04-2014, 05:01 PM
I agree with John and Pat. The macrobiotic diet has some good elements, certainly a step in the right direction compared to the Standard American Diet. I often get asked as well if this or that diet, super food, supplement, etc will cure/heal a certain disease or illness. My answer is always the same...No! Only the body has the ability to heal. Foods contain only the raw materials that the body can use to build the tissues & blood. All healing is done by the power of nature that is ingrained in every living cell's DNA as designed by our creator.

That being said, a person will not heal from cancer if they continue doing those things which caused the cancer in the first place. Changes to ones lifestyle must be made in order to support the body's healing efforts. It will be very difficult to heal from a chronic disease if you are still eating a junk diet, indulging in stimulants, not getting sufficient rest, lack emotional poise, etc.
"The person who says it cannot be done
should not interrupt the person doing it."
Chinese Proverb
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