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Explanation About Posting Links, Videos, and Pictures
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12-29-2009, 12:59 AM
Hi Folks,

Periodically the moderators have to decide if a link to a website passes muster. It would help if you would send John, Joe, or I the link first. Many, many websites are informational, but are disguised commercial websites for fitness programs and products. We don't allow that. Also, we don't allow personal Blogs to be promoted or linked without prior permission from John Peterson. Too, be careful of posting pictures that may be copywrited or which have addresses to other commerical website. Last, before posting a link to a video, clear it with John or Joe first.

I know this sounds like we are getting nitpicky about certain things, but you have to realize that even though this is an informational site, it is also a part of Bronze Bow Publishing. The general purpose of this site is to promote Transformetrics and other products published by Bronze Bow. All we ask is that you respect John's business, which is the livelihood for quite a number of people.



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