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John, Please Update IT Efforts
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09-13-2019, 06:28 AM
I had hoped to see updates on IT progress posted on the Transformetrics Facebook Page. But, short of that I'd like to ask here. John, can you update the progress on the IT front? This forum is no easier to navigate now than it has been for the past several months. The only folks putting themselves through the rigors are indeed devoted followers of your material. I am starting to get inquiries from my friends and folks from other forums who are interested in learning what you teach! Sending those folks to this forum, or to the Facebook page, would surely not quench their interest!

I can imagine IT is not cheap to fix! Have you considered some sort of user-funded alternative, even if it was voluntary? I, for one, would contribute toward that. As you ready the next two books for release, good IT is critical to your marketing success.

Please accept this post for what I intend it to be, an honest plea for more information on the IT front and a desire for this to come together soon for the success of your endeavors and, ultimately, to spread the word on the truly unique offerings you are bringing to bear.

PS - to those who have changed their browsers to something that can navigate this site as it currently exists, I say Good For You! Please don't think the best marketing approach is to make the forum available via only one specific browser and expect all users to sign up for that at the door! That would be a narrow door for sure and a marketing approach of less than broad appeal.
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09-13-2019, 08:16 PM
Hello No Bite,

The IT challenge is one that I am working diligently to address.

As long as we are discussing it let me ask this very serious question,

Do you men think it would be problematic for me to tie this to Living Strength Ministries and to have my forum there?

Let me explain, You will all soon see when we start showing videos via our youtube channel 'The Living Strength Ministry' Channel is not the least bit about gloom, doom, disaster, and destruction but about personal empowerment. We will deal with wide-ranging issues relating to the total development of Body-Mind-Spirit. It is not my intention to use God's Word as a weapon against anyone but rather to elevate everyone in every way. There is only so much time in any given day and to get it right I would like to tie the forum, courses, empowerment videos, etc. To just one comprehensive web-site where the forum can be easily accessed.

My single biggest problem has been in being spread too thin. The designers have the first course, "Power Secrets From The Fountain of Youth--The Nutritional Edge" it has a great deal of information that if followed will be extremely beneficial to those who read it and then live it.

---John Peterson
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09-14-2019, 01:20 PM

If the forum could again be set up as a "section" of the site, I think that would be a GREAT idea.

It would be one-stop shopping for personal development and improvement.

It's definitely worth serious consideration.

Rob (aka blackbelt)
Train a little, or train a lot, but TRAIN.

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