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Building Muscle Size & Shape With ISOs
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09-11-2019, 01:42 PM
Hello Everyone,

Been asked about how much size and shape one can really expect to build with Isometrics.

Answer: As long as YOU can achieve a great pump you can build up a great physique with Isometrics. This was something pointed out years ago by Steve Justa in his book 'Rock, Iron, Steel',

Minus the "pump" you can gain rock-hard muscularity and greatly increased functional strength without adding an appreciable amount of size but in order to add a lot of muscle size, YOU MUST achieve the pump.

As relates to the "Pump" the only way that I have been able to achieve it with Isometrics is to do the three-stage contraction as advocated Solomon Josefovits. If you do three-stage contractions of 5-6-7 or 6-7-8 as I often do you can achieve an extraordinary pump. In which the skin feels stretched over the muscle. If you just do a single contraction in each position of 6 to 8 seconds in duration achieving a significant pump is difficult. By pump, I am referring to the muscles swelling due to an infusion of blood that makes the skin feel tight over the muscles. I personally perform the 3-stage contraction on a dozen exercises for a total of 36 contractions in a workout. I sometimes do 2-Isometric workouts in a day (one just for the abdominal muscles) because I like the way the pump feels (it's very addicting). I change angles each day because this is what works best for me. Twelve Exercises of the three-stage variety requires between 15 and 20 minutes for do a complete workout. I DO NOT rush my contractions and practice Power Breathing between each of the exercises. If I really push hard I can complete a 12 Exercise workout (36 Contractions) in about 12 to 15 minutes but when I do that I don't feel as though I achieve the level of intensity that I get when I slow down and give focused attention to each and every contraction. One other point to make is that I DO NOT recommend that anyone rush through an Isometric Workout. Take your time so that you can make each contraction as intense as possible. In my case, I can always achieve greater intensity on my second contraction than on my first.and with enough time between the second and third contraction, even greater intensity on the third then the second and that can't happen if you rush.

---John Peterson
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