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High Volume Muscle Building: Yes or No?
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03-12-2020, 01:35 PM
Hello Everyone,

I'm writing this post as an answer to a man that wonders if the Push-Up program that I presented in my book "Ultimate Push-Ups for the Awesome Physique" can actually build serious muscle mass. He read Jack King's story as well as Herschel Walker's and all the other profiles but wonders if performing high volume as in hundreds of reps would really build serious muscle mass. After all, you won't find it recommended anywhere else.

The answer is that it most certainly will even though the protocol offered goes against the grain of what you will find in virtually every other course out there on muscle building.

BUT let me also tell you that 'back in the day' 'high volume' was the 'only' means of progression outlined in the world-famous Charles Atlas Dynamic Tension System of exercise. The Atlas Course was very popular prior to and after World War II right up into the 1960s. In fact, the last lesson of the Atlas Dynamic Tension course which was lucky #13 was the "Perpetual Lesson" which featured 8 exercises that Mr. Atlas deemed the most important to do every day for the balance of one's life. In that lesson, he said, "Now for serious muscle building I want you to do the following exercises. Note: I do 200 repetitions of each of them each day." Very seriously, if there is anyone here that worked up to 200 reps of each of these each day I don't doubt that he would have a really fine level of development in direct proportion to the natural lines of his own body.

Here are the exercises:

1) Atlas 1 Push-up (Between two chairs and feet on the floor)

2) Full Range Sit-Up (Touching Forehead or chin to Knees)

3) Full Range Leg Raise (touching toes to the floor above head)

4) Atlas Balance Squats

5) Side Bends & Trunk Circles

6) Self Resistance Biceps & Triceps Exercise

7) Multi-Plane Neck Movement

8) Calf Raises

The best way to accomplish 200 reps of each exercise is to perform Circuits of all 8 exercises. If you do 100 of each morning and night it doesn't take all that long to do. Work up to full circuits of 50 reps on each of the eight exercises morning and night and you will be amazed at your development that is the result of having a great pump twice each day.

---John Peterson
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