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Placebo Effect VS No-Cebo Effect
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03-13-2020, 01:34 PM
Hello Friends,

Don't fall for what the prognosticating prophets of doom in the media are saying about the Corona Virus. Filling your mind with images of fear and doom can actually create a physiological response that is devastating to your body. That is what is referred to as a "nocebo effect". (Something that I had not heard of previously.)

Most of you know that I have written about the extraordinary "Placebo Effect" in all of my books that can and does happen when one's belief and expectation in response to something is so high that it can generate a very real spontaneous "healing" as was the case with Mr. Wright in 1957.

NOW I want you to consider both the "Placebo" & "Nocebo" effect as is perfectly explained by Dr. Bruce Lipton in this less than 2-minute video clip.

Bottom line: take control of programming your own mind.

---John Peterson
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