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How Many Push-Ups Do I Do?
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03-13-2020, 12:51 PM
Hello Everyone,

I have just entered an 8-Week High Volume phase as per Dr. Morehouse's Endurance phase of training. It goes like this:

Phase 1) 8-weeks Muscle Building Emphasis performing sets of 15 to 21 reps each using as much resistance as necessary to keep reps in the 15 to 21 rep range. ( I use a weight vest to keep my resp at 15 to 21 because the super slow protocol does not fit my temperament).

Phase 2) 8-weeks Endurance Building Emphasis ( Current) performing sets of 40 to 50 or more in each set. I AM NOT using a weight vest at all during this phase because I am moving at a fast pace when performing each set

Phase3) 8-weeks Intensive Strength Building performing an ultra-intense exercise that limits yourself to sets of 3 to 5 reps. These workouts are the shortest due to the few reps involved even if you perform up to 5 sets of each exercise as you near the end of the 8-week cycle. Trust me on this, when you are adding 33% to 43% or more of your body weight directly over chest, shoulders, and upper back it maximizes your functional strength ( your body's strength in direct relationship to itself) in a great way. For this, I sometimes have used a 77-pound weight vest and my reps are much slower for those 3 to 5 reps.

As relates to my Push-Ups (that I am filming a clip of) I am performing only the Living Strength III with my feet elevated at 36" and my hands set on 12" boxes. I go considerably below my hands as you will see in the clip in order to get the best possible stretch. Like Jack King, I have come to really enjoy this exercise to the extreme because of the "Oxygen Rush" that I get from performing high volume sets. I can't think of anything that infuses blood into the entire upper body the way that this exercise does. The only difference between the way I do the exercise and how Jack King performed it is that I go considerably deeper on the descent in order to get a really good stretch. More than anything else I get a marvelous "High" as a result. I am doing 5-sets every morning and yesterday I felt so good that I did 5-sets last night. I wondered last night about how I would feel in the morning. The answer this morning was that I felt so rested from the sleep that I had that I was immediately "in the Groove" on my first set. I did 5 sets with my other IDMC exercises. I worked out for 45 minutes straight and felt energized at the end just exactly like I felt 53 years ago when I was in my 15th year. I don't buy the idea that you must lose strength and shape as you age. This was also Sandford Bennetts's viewpoint who was far stronger and more muscular at age 72 than at any time in his entire life up to that point. I was reviewing Sandford Bennett's book "Old Age: It 's Cause & Prevention" and I paid special attention to his photos. The man showed an exceptional level of development at age 72 that was far beyond anything that he had previously achieved in his entire life. His secret was to do exactly what I am doing and teaching now which is to infuse highly oxygenated blood into the muscle tissue while exercising the muscles with only a moderate level muscle tension (trust me on this, anytime you can perform sets of 40 to 50 reps or more as Dr. Morehouse prescribed for building muscular endurance you are only using a very moderate level of resistance as relates to your own strength levels which may in fact seem like it requires superhuman strength to someone else. The whole emphasis is on infusing highly oxygenated blood into the muscles in order to achieve a fantastic pump. This is literally the secret of "The Fountain of Youth" within each person's body. The other thing you will want to do in order to maintain extreme high-level strength if that is your goal (and it should be) is Isometric Contraction. I have experimented with every Isometric protocol imaginable and since that is the case I can tell you that if you are doing high volume bodyweight and muscle tension exercises that are already infusing the blood into your muscles so that they 'swell' such as is performed in the Atlas Perpetual Lesson there is no need to perform more than a single rep of each contraction at any given angle for a duration of 6 to 12 seconds. The 3-stage isometric protocol (5-6-7 of 6-7-8) is for those of you that want to achieve a pump with Isometrics alone. For maximum strength, just one rep is all that is required. Also, note that I have a friend that is a medical doctor that is doing power Belt Isometrics only and he does just a single 6 to 12-second contraction on each exercise and he is the first to say that he is not interested in adding muscle mass BUT that he really likes how energized the Isometrics make him feel. He does a dozen contractions each day and alters the angle each day. His results are exactly what he wants to achieve. and it takes him less than 3-minutes of actual exercise each day.

---John Peterson
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