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Steroids and Connective Tissue Destruction
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11-01-2013, 10:03 AM
Hello Men,

I have been contacted by a man that has purchased "Ultimate Push-Ups for the Awesome Physique" and that tells me that his experience in using steroids and heavy weights had much the same effect on his body as was the case of Jack King featured in "Ultimate Push-Ups."

This man stated that when he was young (he is now 52) he was awed at the incredible difference steroids made in his development almost immediately. He literally stated that he had come to a complete standstill in terms of his strength and development after a decade of training with heavy weights and simply could not achieve further gains regardless of the supplements that he took. But then at the age of 29, after a friend of his convinced him to take steroids, he said it was amazing the difference that he immediately felt and that all at once he began making muscular strength and development gains that went through the roof. At that point and for the first couple of years he believed that steroids were the greatest scientific discovery in the world as relates to his strength training. But then after a few years he began to be plagued by serious injuries to shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. In short he discovered that he had achieved extraordinary development at the cost of his connective tissues that were literally destroyed by the combination of heavy weights and excessive steroid use. He then began to have symptoms of extreme toxicity to his liver, became bloated and nearly died as a result. This happened to him in 2006.

For the next several (three) years he did no training at all because he was in too much pain and then in 2009 a relative gave him the book "The Miracle Seven". At first he thought it was a joke, even a slam at his character. He said he thought the guy in the photos (me) could have had an extraordinary development had he taken steroids and lifted weights. As it was he thought that the guy in the the photos had a very good looking but slim, athletic physique that could have been so much bigger and better. But then he took time to read the text and all at once the light went on. All at once he realized what had happened to his body and he began training with the Miracle Seven and then began adding other exercises of the same type. He then said that the layers of pain began to disappear and that he got to the point that he no longer used tylenol because he did not need it. And then something even weirder happened, he began to think that the guy in the photos of M7 had really achieved an ideal physique for a man his size and then all once he began to change his ideas about what was ideal and looked good and what was not. As he broke away from the muscle magazine mentality his views about everything else changed too, and he even began dating his ex-wife that liked the changes she saw in him as a man. Why? Because he began to think about other people and began treating them with respect. There were major spiritual changes too.

In June, he purchased "Ultimate Push-Ups" . Like Jack King, his results have been exceptional. He says has been losing all of his excess body fat and feels like a new man. His ex-wife was alarmed and asked him if he is back to lifting weights and he says that he told her, "No, that's not what you are seeing. I have found a better way." He then showed her three of my other books. He ended by thanking me and saying that he wished he would have known 23 years ago what he knows now. The good news though is that he is becoming a super slim muscular version of his former self and that he is not busting himself up to do it. He also likes the idea that he is self sufficient and is never looking for something outside of himself to "fix" him.

---John Peterson
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11-02-2013, 04:38 AM

it's no wonder his ex wife "liked the changes she saw in him as a man." Your books, like this forum, provide the information and encouragement to develop spiritually as well as physically.

All the Best!

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