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John, Will "Hard As Nails" only feature Push-Ups?
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12-13-2009, 12:17 PM
Hey Friends,

Hard As Nails--A Man's Guide to Ultimate Push-Ups for the Awesome Physique is far beyond being just another Push-Up book. It has an introduction by Greg Newton, A foreword by Gordon Anderson. Photos and Profiles of Transformetrics power men, all of whom have used our methods to build awesome physiques. Historical profiles of men that have used Push-Ups and methods that mirror our own as a foundational part of their training to build outstanding strength, fitness, and physique. A Complete & Comprehensive Nutrition Chapter. A comprehensive program on how to achieve 100 Push-Ups in (your own individualized) world record time. The 12 best variations for lifelong strength and fitness. Photos and Profiles Featuring many of our own forum members( I know already said that but I thought I would repeat it). Plus Eleven Body-Part specific courses featuring a minimum of seven exercises each to develop every muscle in your entire human body from all angles and directions (you have not seen some of these exercises before). The Body Part Specific Courses include the following:
#1) Neck
#6)Upper Arms
#7)Lower arms
#11) Feet

Bottomline: My Friends, I left nothing to chance and did not want this book to be lacking anything. It doesn't. I can't wait to have it printed. It is in it's design phase now. Trust me friends, this one will really have the troglodytes and wile e coyotes gnashing their teeth, pulling their hair out, turning green with envy, pink with jealousy, and wearing out their psychiatrist's couches.

---John Peterson
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books, hard as nails, push-ups, totally jack'd

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