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VIDEO: Want to strengthen your entire upper body?
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09-21-2009, 06:40 AM
Ewok Gym?! I don't know if that's a complement or fightin' words!

Here's some detail on rope my climbing:

Two exercises I'd focus on are Power T Push-Ups and Towel Pull-Ups. Do these in many small sets, something like 20 sets of 5. I've had a lot of success in building strength by doing lots of small sets. They start out very easy but by the time you hit the 20th set, even though you're only doing 5 reps, it's TOUGH!

Don't be afraid to work with the DSR and isometric forearm exercises in PYTP as well, they will yield results!

I have not tried gymnastic chalk but I DID try foot powder and that actually does help quite a bit. You'll notice in this video I slipped, if I would have thrown on some powder just before I started to climb I probably would have made it to the top. Your hands will also toughen up quite a bit and become calloused, that helps a great deal with grip as well.

All in all it took me about two weeks to actually climb the rope the first time, but that was after a couple of months of focusing on the Power T's and Towel Pull-Ups. I believe I discuss that in that thread I linked too.

Also, as you read that thread, take note just how often my cloths comes under attack!! With every video I get new grief. Here soon I'm going to start wearing one of those leopards skin leotards the all time strongmen use to wear! Let's see them make fun of that!

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