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The New Belt & New Course
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03-07-2019, 06:03 PM
Hello Everyone,

I have 500 of the New Iso-Power Belts complete with carrying bag ready to ship.

I am working on final edits to the course which is obviously behind schedule. I apologize for that but at least I am at final edits. And I have not released anything that is not up to the standard it needs to be...just to get it done.

Anyone that wants the New Belt with the Original course can order it Now and then order the new course separately when it is available in a few weeks.

I've had serious personal issues to deal with that has consumed me. They are taken care of for now and I am now focused on completion of the course. I apologize for the inconvenience. However the new course will be available soon--- it's just not available yet.

One other thing...there has been someone making off the wall comments without understanding why the New Belt with it's application really is superior to everything that has ever been released that I am aware of relative to Isometrics. By that I am referring to Isometric Power Racks, Bullworker type products, Isometric Chain products and everything else that I am aware of that has been created or marketed for doing Isometrics. Based on my knowldege it surpasses everything that I have ever seen. I'm completing the sales page and I hope you will all see the logic and common sense of what I am writing about as to why Isometric Contraction and the level of intensity that it affords makes it the most efficient form of exercise bar none.

The above brings up a point about why one can perform Isometrics daily at maximum intensity when one could not do the same with weights. It comes down to this...with Isometrics the focus is on strengthening the muscles directly for six to twelve seconds at maximum contraction followed by an immediate relaxation. With weights, there is the vertical support factor and the compression it causes in addition to the stress it causes to the connective tissues as well as the muscles. With the Isometric Power Belt, there is zero compression because there is no gravitational resistance. The stress is directly applied to the muscles during contraction but there is no gravitational wear and tear to the joints, ligaments or tendons. For that reason, healing is far more rapid after Isometric Workouts. So much so that many can work out daily if one so chooses.

Bottom line: The Belt can ship now...Belt and Course together in three weeks. Do realize though that there is nothing preventing you from performing your own Isometric Power Workouts.

---John Peterson

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03-07-2019, 07:04 PM
John can post a picture so we can see the new loops/handles and how they differ from the old model?
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03-07-2019, 08:05 PM
Hey Lion King,

The new Sales Page will show me doing a few exercises and it will be quite obvious.

More than any other single factor the way I now use and teach the belt makes it possible to grip the belt at each and every angle in perfect comfort and for that reason, I can achieve maximum contractions due to the fact that the tension is perfectly and evenly distributed across the palms of my hands. That was NOT the case with the old belt that was taught by Coach James Baley. Although it was ultra-efficient in concept it was extremely uncomfortable to use.

Truth to tell I had talked with Coach James Baley man times. He was a great guy. He told me that he created the isometric belt to replace the need for an Isometric Power Rack and that he had had many athletes achieve better results from 20-minute isometric workouts with an Isometric Power Belt than two hours with weights but better still was the fact that the Power Belt Workouts allowed for speedy recovery. One of the reasons that I believed him was because he exuded enthusiasm and confidence in the superiority of Isometrics over every other type of strength training exercise. You could tell he really believed that nothing compared to Isometrics.

He told me that his wrestlers were always much stronger and had far greater ability to apply their strength than any of the men they had wrestled and that it was due exclusively to Isometrics. He liked to tell me, "My wrestlers often won every weight class and a big part of that was because they were so much stronger." That is why I keep referencing what Baley told me about Isometrics being far superior for athletes that wanted to gain the greatest possible strength in various weight classes. He also told me, "The guys I trained with Isometrics didn't have an ounce of fat on them and some of them were so muscular that it looked scary."

In spite of the above, Coach Baley did admit that there was one major problem related to Isometrics that people had to work through. That problem was that the athlete had to be extremely motivated in order to push himself to achieve maximum level contractions. I believed him when he told me that that problem was alleviated after his wrestlers had their first wrestling meet and were able to see how much greater their strength was than their opponents. He said, "After the guys saw how strong they got you couldn't keep 'em away from their Isometrics." He also told me that when he taught his athletes in a group setting that he would tell them, "I want you to do your best to tear this thing in two. Give it everything you've got." He said that on a few occasions he had a couple of young guys trying so hard that they passed out.

---John Peterson

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03-08-2019, 06:51 AM
John, I'm hoping the new manual will clearly, with illustrations, show how to do the leg isometrics. The original manual left most of that to only written instructions and I found that confusing. Yes, I do realize that EVERY position, even the upper body ones, can be total body isometrics. Thanks.
Life is short. Ride your best horse.
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03-08-2019, 10:20 PM
I have used the new belt and I'm going share my results thus far....

I've been using the new belt everyday since it was given to me and have worked several holds with it. Lost a few pounds and love the feeling I get after a workout. Some definition is coming in but it's still too soon to tell it's full affects yet. I'm already risking ridicule talking about this but I want to be open about this.

The grip of the belt feels great in my hands and the amount of angles you can make with this thing is only limited by your imagination. Here are just a few of the exercises I have done so far within 1-3 contractions....

Sampson Pillar Push
Bench Press
Simulated Bending Steel Over The Legs
Positions For The Neck
Bow And Arrow Pull
Military Press
Lateral Pulls (Front, Sides)
Overhead Pull

The loops are tricky to do at first but after a few times, it'll be a cakewalk. Once you get them going and figure out the adjustments, you're going to have an incredible workout. Making it a suspension trainer is fun and using it as gymnastic rings for dips and other exercises make it a full variety workout entity. It's awesome for traveling and be able to come up with awesome exercises.
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03-09-2019, 12:27 PM
The new belt sounds great. Really looking forward to receiving it ! Gordon
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