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The Exercises From "Chi" Mind Control
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12-12-2019, 12:14 PM
Hello My Friends,

I received a phone call from a young lady that is studying Kung-Fu that asked if I could direct her to "Chi" Mind Control by Mike Dayton. I asked her, "What specifically do you want from the course?" and her answer was the exercises. I then told her that she would find each and every one of the Dayton exercises plus several others outlined in great detail in "Isometric Power Revolution". I know this to be true because when I wrote the course I made certain that I included every exercise from "Chi-Mind Control" & "Dyna-Flex" by Mike Marvel. I subsequently discovered the original course from which the exercises found in "Chi-Mind Control" and "Dyna-Flex" had originated and that course was written in 1958 by Tom Buckley.

All three of the courses just mentioned above had exactly the same exercises. The Exercises contained in those courses are NOT CLASSIC ISOMETRICS in that you will not be contracting your muscles at various angles against an immovable resistance. Instead, you literally 'Flex' Your muscles at angles of greatest contraction with as much intensity as you can possible apply. There is no movement so that Flexing is Isometric in terms of intensity. In each and every exercise you are flexing your muscle as though you are trying show them off as you would if you were flexing in a physique competition. The intensity will make you shake until you fully master them.

These exercises are what I referred to as "Isometric-Power Flex Contractions" They will teach you muscle control to an extraordinary degree and are also very healing to the body as they literally do concentrate the 'LIFE-NERVE-FORCE" to the maximum as Mike Dayton stated. Because you are not depleting energy but literally concentrating it you will feel totally alive.

The entire series replace all muscle sculpting exercises from neck to toes because they are the most concentrated form of "Power Flexing" that you can possibly do. I do however recommend that you at least perform them in combination with the Tiger Moves in order to achieve a full range of motion OR take the Joint Mobility Exercises that have been outlined in PYTP and perform 3 to 7 repetitions of each exercise after you which you go through the entire Isometric Power Flex Sequence out lined IPR in about 10 to 12 minutes holding each contraction at maximum intensity for a period of 6 to 12 seconds and only one contraction.

If you have never done Isometric Power Flex exercises you will discover that careful application will give a level of mastery over your muscles that you have never consciously experienced. These exercises can be done daily without causing you to deplete nerve force provided you perform only one ultra Intense Contraction. If you perform the 3-Stage Contraction of 5-6-7 or 6-7-8 as I do then you will perform only one third of the series on any given day. Why? Because you have only so much Nerve Force that you can apply at maximum intensity and if you perform too many you will feel as though you are not able to contract as you would like, so for that reason perform only 30 to 36 contractions in total which is 10 to 12 exercises performed in 3 stages of 5-6-7.

The biggest benefit you will receive from the method is enhanced muscle control and extreme muscular definition if you perform it daily. You'll see the enhanced definition after about a week.

---John Peterson
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