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Hill sprints vs GUTS Squats, is there a difference?
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11-17-2009, 06:09 PM
I'm enjoying the pain and misery that is the GUTS program. Really!
I was contemplating alternating GUTS with Hillsprints during the week.
Is there a big difference between Tiger Bend Squats for 12 minutes and Hill Sprints for 15 minutes?
On the surface, it doesn't really look like it:
1. Both are essentially anaerobic
2. Both greatly condition and improve cardiovascular/pulmonary fitness
3. Both break down into a contest of will against self there towards the end
4. Both are stressing essentially the same muscle fibers, since no external loads are being used. (No DVR tension either) It's just your body weight being thrust against gravity. For that matter, Hill Sprints would be "worse" since it's one leg at a time.

Of course, Hill sprints could not be done inside, unless you count a stair case, but then it's called something different. And falling is much more painful....

Am I over thinking this? I know I'm supposed to be my own trainer and see for myself if my legs grow or fall off, but some discussion first would be nice.

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