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Iso-Dynamic Workouts 20 Minutes or Less
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08-02-2016, 01:02 PM
Hey Friends,

I received an e-mail from a man asking when "Power Secrets From the Fountain of Youth" will be ready and the truth is I am just finishing up the workout section now. These are intense, brief workouts that maximize muscle strength, shape, and definition while causing an intense elevation in Male Hormone production and each workout requires a maximum time commitment of 20 minutes or less.

Example: Once you have graduated to using a weight vest your workout on days 1,3, & 5 would look like this.

Warm-up: (2-minutes before workout) Maximum Amplitude Arm Circles in both directions & Total Body Stretch and Bend

Weeks One & Two: #1) LS 1 Push-Ups 4X10-15 #2) LS Balance Squats 4 X10-15 (Finish in 15 minutes)

Week Three & Four:#3) LS 2 Push-Ups 4X10-15 #4) LS Lunges 4 X10-15 (All 4 exercises in 15 minutes)

Week Five & Six: #5) LS 3 Push-Ups 4X10-15 #6) LS Calf Raises 4X10-15 ( All 6 exercises in 20 Min)

Week Seven & Eight: #7) LS 4 Push-Ups 4X10-15 #8) L.S. Crunches 4X10-15 ( All 8 exercises in 20 Min)

Begin with just a enough weight to complete week #1 & 2 in 15 minutes then add weeks 3 & 4 exercises completion time 15: minutes. In weeks 5 & 6 complete all six exercises in 20 minutes and in weeks 7 & 8 perform all 8 exercises in 20 minutes.

Is it tough? You bet it is but the results are amazing. I personally super-set my exercises and do not rest at all between exercises in order to accomplish the above workout in 20 minutes.

---John Peterson

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