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***Miracle Seven Routine***
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11-18-2009, 08:56 AM
I received my 4 books yesterday!!

I read The Miracle Seven book in one sitting and i was very impressed by its simplicity...then upon several fellow forum members' advice, i also read from PYTP: Lesson 1: Section 1: Deep Breathing and Pure Air; and from IPR: Chapter 1: Isometric Power Breathing and IPR: Chapter 6: The Magnificent Seven - Warming Up the Right Way.

Then i took my Body Measurements and my father's Measurements since weight measurement through stepping on a scale will no longer be accurate after we start our routine:

Height: 5.74'
Weight: 216 Pounds
Chest: 45.5'
Neck: 17.5'
Waist: 45'
Hips: 42.5'
Thigh: 25'
Calf: 16'
Bicep: 16.6' (contracted)
Forearm: 12.7'

Height: 5.74'
Weight: 202 Pounds
Chest: 47.2'
Neck: 18''
Waist: 46'
Hips: 43'
Thigh: 23'
Calf: 14.5'
Bicep: 14' (contracted)
Forearm: 12'

12 Week Routine:
Dad: Power Breathing + The Magnificent Seven Warm Up Exercises + The Miracle Seven. (Daily, Morning)
Johnny: Power Breathing + The Magnificent Seven Warm Up Exercises + The Miracle Seven. (Daily, Morning) + Daily Miracle Seven Workout (Morning or Evening).

I would Love to hear from you regarding the Routines, I cherish all your opinions...
Thank you all from your time and help.


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11-18-2009, 12:38 PM
This is a great routine and there is a lot of customization you can do within it. The mircale 7 can be done at varying intensities. The Mag 7 can be a warm-up or you can do a lot of reps and make it the main workout. The cals in the Mag 7 will prove that the mircale 7 are working because they should get easier. The first few (if I remember correctly) exercises in the Mag 7 will strength your lower back, which will reduce, eliminate, or prevent low back pain, and also promote good posture.

I really like this routine. Be sure never to cheat a single rep in the Miracle 7; keep your mind engaged. Do not let your resolve slip!
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11-18-2009, 03:08 PM
Jonny that is a great routine and simple! Sometimes the best things are a simple plan that works. The Miracle 7 alone would get you in good shape along with just walking. The Mag 7 are great exercises, once they get easier you need to add sets and reps.

You are on the way Johnny best of luck.
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