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John, do you believe in the bible....
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03-12-2019, 07:27 AM
Hey John, do you believe in the bible as written literaly, as written per event...or do you believe its middle eastern allegorical stories to teach lessons? Im just curiois has your christan views of the script changed with variois new ecidence of different world events...Do yoh still remain a christain but have a new interpertation of faith? If that makes sense. Heres somethings I wonderd...and I could be ignorant to the understandings and these are not meant to undermine, insinuate or challenge.

If we are all children of God how could Jesus be the only son of God would we not all be sons and daughters how could there be jist one repersenitive when we all fit mould

Why would God choose a select group of chosen people to be his when he created all of us

And what do you think of people in the bible killing in the name of God sayings its Gods will...

And do you believe in Moses as theres like 4 differnt versions...and they all seem plausible

I was listening awhile ago to ressuerection by neville goddard and it was intresting on the allegorical application of the bible.

I do believe in having a third eye...I do believe in having a discerning spirit and how head knowledge can conflict with things...but then I wonder is that a way to keep people from asking questions and just blindly believe

Also do you think the bible has been tainted and were missing key information I dont trust anything handled by the hands of man.

Once again I was taking a walk and me a my friend would have long theological he went from zen philosophy and variois tao te ching and alan watts schools of thought to more so sole bible believer now I mean I understand it...the probelm is I understand it too well...and can see inconsistencies in some of personally I relate to the message of it and the enlightenment components and sage wisdom...but some of it seems out of synch with the message. Ie the killings and rapes in Gods name..and the favortism..

Like I said please dont view this as a post of dissention or challenge..I was just curios your views and thoughts or whomever else wanted to chime in...without taking anything personal or I respect all beliefs and schools of thought.
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