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Why is This So Hard to Understand?
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03-07-2019, 03:13 PM
Hello Friends,

I'd really like your help and insights about this and so would every other forum member.

Please Read:

This is the part that apparently bothers people to realize that it is the truth.

The fact is that if your desire is to become as strong and as heavily muscled as is possible You cannot achieve that objective with bodyweight exercise only.


Because it turns out that Peary Rader and others were correct that something happens physiologically in direct response to using heavier and heavier weights that cannot happen without it. Namely that if you are supporting hundreds and hundreds of pounds while squatting for example...your body will try to protect itself by becoming much thicker in your torso, hips, and legs in order to give you added leverage and stability to handle the demands that are being placed on it. You could do freehand squats till frogs grow feathers and not get the kind of specific thickness and strength that you would achieve doing sets of reps with two or three times one's body weight on the barbell. That type of demand will force the body to become thicker and stronger in the specific way in order to adapt...So if what you truly want is to be as big, thick and strong as you can possibly be then the truth is that bodyweight training, DVR, & Isometrics will take most people to their absolute natural best level of athletic perfection just as it does with a gymnast, but if you want to go way beyond that to the maximum in size and strength as relates to lifting weights then you will have to use heavy weights that force adaptation and if you want to take it far beyond that as some men obviously do, you will then have to take steroids and other forms of chemical enhancement. That is the truth.

Why is this troublesome to anyone to realize that you cannot become as thick in your torso with body weight and Isometric training as when carrying hundreds of pounds pulling down on you vertically.

C'mon now think about it. If you have hundreds of pounds pulling straight down you will absolutely compress your spinal discs which are the shock absorbers designed by God between the vertebrae. Do it long enough and often enough, you'll get to a point that the compression cannot be reversed.

Your body in trying to protect iself will become much thicker in order to support the weight that it is being forced to support. This added thickness will slow you down and diminish rather than enhance your body's strength in direct relationship to itself. This is why Bruce Lee switched to Isometrics he wanted maximized strength without added bulk. The added bulk may be good if you are a lineman on a football team but it will do nothing in terms of enhancing your body's strength in direct relationship to itself. For example, Jack King told me about a guy at his gym that could squat with over 500 and thought that performing 100 bodyweight squats was a joke and yet when he pushed himself to do that many over the course of 10 minutes he was exhausted and could barely walk the next day. The same is true with Push-Ups compared to Bench Presses. in terms of functional strength in direct relationship to your own body you can forget it. Adding tremendous weight to torso, glutes and thighs will diminish your strength to bodyweight ratio for all exercise such as Push-Ups, Pull-Ups, and Squat. You caan become much stronger in the amount of weight you can move outside of yourself but in terms of creating strength/endurance in direct relationship to your own body you can forget it because that is diminished and not enhanced.

For the above reasons you cannot get as 'big' with bodyweight and isometrics as you can with weights, steroids, and overeating but for anything other than lifting more weight or being a huge pro-football lineman or huge pro wrestler it is non functional weight and if you happen to be an Olympic style wrestler or boxer who wants to maximize functional strength to bodyweight at a lighter weight class the weights will not compare to what you can accomplish with Isometrics that make the muscles far stronger and denser without adding a great deal of body weight. Look again at some of the bodybuilding freaks that Michael Beasley pointed out and realize that it is NOT possible to get like that without weights, steroids and overeating. Not Even remotely.

Now, Please enlighten me and tell me WHY this is hard to understand.

---John Peterson
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