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A little editting please!
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12-15-2009, 01:56 PM
Hey this thread really has me cracked up. I've gotten some really weird e-mails from people that are reading a little bit too much into what our good friend Mr. Newton is saying here. Someone sent me a link where someone has actually taken the time to search though the forum to find a bunch of typos Greg made and say, "See!!! He's not perfect, he makes mistakes too!!"

I dunno why some people take things the way they do, so I'll just chalk it up to the vagaries of communication in the internet age. Seems we can get in touch with people in so many ways now but sometimes seem to actually communicate less.

I digress...

All Greg was saying with this thread is that you will get more people to read your posts if you're a little bit more clear with your writing. He's seen a few posts that were difficult to read and edited them to clean them up, just some periods here and spaces there. Greg's just trying to help out, not flaunt his superior grammatical skills or something like that.

The way people read into things that aren't really there... sheesh...

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