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My shoulder injury and isometrics
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01-08-2020, 09:56 AM
Hi all

Those of you on here that know me will remember that the reason I joined this forum some 10+ (?) years ago is because I injured my shoulder (sanding down a ceiling over a 2 day period). It took over a month to be able to use my arm again and 5 months physio (which did nothing). I had to take over a year off any physical training (upper body) and then it took about 2 years to get the strangth back there.

But it never fully healed and has caused pain for years. When I get a flare up it can be bad meaning I have to take time off training etc.

Anyway, on Monday this week I went to a shoulder specialist who found the cause of the problem - I have supraspinatus tendinopathy. He basically found the problem within a few minutes doing an ultrasound scan. Basically the orginal tendon tear never properly healed, so I have calcified tendon tissue where the original injury was which keeps flaring up.

I had a course of shockwave therapy and will be having two more (7 days apart). He thinks the injury will then heal and we can then work on building the strangth up again.

He has said to lay off training for a few weeks until he can get me on a progressive strength plan, but said that isometrics are fine to do now and will be perfect for the healing process.

Just wondered if anyone has any good shoulder isometric exercises? I will be digging out my 'Isometric Power Revolution' book later anyway.

Thanks all

- Kenpopaul
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