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07-28-2014, 06:52 AM
I am not the fastest runner in the world. It is just not in my genetics. No big deal, I still like to run and have worked up to the point where I can keep a good pace over 3-5 miles. What ticks me off though, is sprinters.

Sprinters? Yeah, those people who used to be athletes or play sports, who go out to the track, sprint a half mile and then walk. So what is the big deal?

It is an ego thing. Since I normally run 3 miles I have several paces and strides I use and work with during the course of 3 miles. Occasionally I get someone sprint past me. Hey, no problem. If you are faster, that is great. If you have more endurance, that is great. But, don't sprint past me like you are running a race and then have to walk because you burned yourself out. That irritates me. I am out at the track for me, not someone else's ego gratification.

So this morning I am out at 6:30 am and it is muggy as all get out. The first half mile went hard and so did the second. Then I heard someone keeping that flap, flap pace behind me. No big deal, I'll let them pass.

But then I heard the labored breathing going with the flap, flap, flap. O.K., you want to pass me, I am going to make you earn it, so I picked up to my 3/4's run pace and kept going. They never did pass me. In fact, after a quarter of a mile I slowed down to let them pass so I could see who was so eager to "beat" me. Whoever it was had left the track after that half mile attempt.

I like to see people out walking, running and getting daily exercise. I try to greet people with a cheery "good morning." But I don't like people trying to turn exercise into a competition. There are other times and places for that.

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