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Push ups everyday, or every other day
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01-09-2009, 10:38 AM
Mitch My Friend,

You are not kidding. Pull-ups that are properly performed can go a long way toward relieving pain in the lower back because they have a natural decompressive action on the lower spine. But everyone must allow themselves to gain pull-up strength and endurance naturally. Pull-Ups are the ultimate upper body test of functional strength to body weight ratio. Even people with very poor leverage can make a dramatic improvement in Pull-Up strength/endurance if they allow themselves plenty of time and never push themselves to the point of experiencing tendinitis. In fact, It is not necessary nor is it ever desirable to train beyond one's capacity with Pull-Ups in order to achieve great benefit. Even sets of one rep can have a tremendous effect on upper body strength. So my advice with pull-ups is slow and steady. Take your time in building up your reps.

---John Peterson
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