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Benny is 100% Spot On
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12-03-2019, 05:21 PM
Hello Everyone,

On the Dynamic Virtual Resistance thread Benny B made the following observation:

DVRs are good and have produced results but they're not going to do anyone any good if the mindset isn't there and can be a waste of time if someone isn't into it. If someone was into it and made it work for them, the benefits are worth it every time they train.

Now compare what Benny stated to what George Jowett had stated in his classic "Unrevealed Secrets of Man"

George Jowett Quote:
Mental concentration is where thousands of bodybuilders fall; they fail to see the dividing line. Blindly they stagger about the road and fail to read the sign at the crossroads. Their case is a reminder of “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” You never saw a pitcher successfully curve a ball over the plate while arguing with the umpire. No, and you never saw a body culturist acquire the superstate of physical manhood with movements that lacked pep and a mind filled with “Gee whiz, how soon will I be done?” They are like the youngster learning music with his eyes on the clock.

Practicing a movement a hundred times or a thousand times will not get you anywhere, nor will pulling and hauling at a ton of iron. The more mental impulse you put behind an effort the less time is required. Movements become clockwork, too mechanical, and hauling a ton of metal is like praying to a bronze Buddha to hand you out a check for a million dollars.

Mindset is where it is at. Here's the bottom line, Benny is right and this is true of virtually every form of training that one can practice. For example, I had a conversation with a man that went to a "Super Slow Gym" just once a week for six months. He told me that he got great results at first but could not continue because the method required a very specific execution with weight machines at a very regimented pace that also required a very specific mindset and after 6 months of having each repetition timed he just couldn't do it anymore because of the extreme regimentation and boredom.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is true of every method and as relates to DVR this is one reason that I sometimes perform an Ultra Intense Tiger Move workout of 3 Circuits X 3 Repetitions of each of the seven exercises with a 2 & 1/2 pound weight in each hand while wearing a weight vest and the reason for the weight vest is because it allows me to feel the intensity of the muscle contraction. Seriously, I can feel the muscles contracting against the vest that I am wearing and believe me it is very intense.

---John Peterson
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12-04-2019, 11:04 PM
I've done super slow and I liked it. Actually I used it when I wanted a mental break. It was simple, go slow, work you @ss into the ground. Black out the burn and keep going until the allotted time for the set was reached, even if that meant coming to just a static hold at some point of the rep to get to the allotted time. I'd typically use a weight I could get 10 reps with and that would take 90sec to 120 seconds. Man did I get the veins from that. Braille vains in my arms.

In fact, I think this type of training delivered a lot of what aerobic isometrics did.
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12-05-2019, 12:19 AM
One of the things I love about doing animal movements or at least the type of workout I do is the game I learned from Ed Baran where you take a 20 sided Dice (dice used in Dungeons & Dragons) and you roll for an animal than another for the steps/yards/meters you do for that animal. The perks of this workout is you never know what's coming next and it's great for developing that mindset of expecting the unexpected. I've done many many times to the point where I have memorized every animal on the list for that dice and although I never know what comes up, I'm prepared for it.

That's what keeps me interested and something exciting to do. More than any other type of workout, I never truly get bored. With other forms of training, I do get bored easily for some reason and my attention span just isn't there with regular calisthenics. I feel the need to keep moving around, stationary exercises aren't a big priority anymore. My brain just works differently with certain exercises. When you apply animal moves like bear crawls, crab walks, duck walks, frog jumps and others, you're constantly shifting your body and it doesn't take long to feel those movements. I've gone as long as nearly 90 minutes with those kinds of exercises and I don't feel drained at all, mentally or physically.

The point is, if your mind is in a place where you can focus and exercise with intent and interest, it goes a long way and great results will come of it but if you half-ass the training, have no true intent and your interest level is low, you won't get the results you're seeking. It is a journey after all, not a destination and make it work for you with the highest intent.
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