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Glass and focus
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08-12-2009, 08:52 AM
I like how Greg Newton named his workout, so I thought Iíd steal his idea! Glass is for the hourglass. Why and hourglass, you ask? Well, Iíve been reading about Time Under Tension (TUT) lately and thought Iíd try a little experiment, with an explicit aim of each exercise set to last a given amount of time.

The whole concept of the 10-12 minute rep kind of evolved out of people doing slowish reps that last around 6 seconds each, so by the time you do 10, youíve had the muscle under tension for 60 seconds. A 60 second TUT seems to a good goal to aim for.

So hereís how this is going to work, Iím going to do a power cal for a minute, getting as many reps as I can and never locking out so that the muscles are always under tension, the follow that up with a DVR, DSR or ISO exercise for a minute right afterward that works the same muscle the power cal focuses on. So for example, chin-ups followed by DSR arm curls. There is a technique very similar to this in bodybuilding where you do a compound movement then follow it up with an isolation for the bodypart youíre trying to work, so you might do a bench press, then immediately go to dumbbell kickbacks.

Iím going to give this a try for a few weeks and see where it leads. I tried this the first time yesterday and got a really, really good pump from it. The key is to use total focus in the DVR, DSR or ISO moves.

Try it for yourself; Do as many chin-ups as you can with a timer going without fully locking out and without going too fast, you shouldnít be able to do a whole lot more than 10 in a minute (Place your hands a little less than shoulder width, this focuses on the biceps. if you canít do chin-ups for a full minute, then put a chair in front of the bar so you can use your legs for assistance. Use your legs for the positive movement but not the negative). Immediately after the timer goes off, restart it and begin doing a DSR curl. (Place your left arm at your side and curl you hand up with your elbow pointing down. Put your right hand on your left wrist and force your left hand down while resisting powerfully, keep the elbow pointing down. Go slow, you shouldn't be able to do more than 10 in a minute) Then switch to the other arm and repeat. After these three minutes are over, your arms will feel like theyíre going to pop! Do the exercises slow and with focus. The stronger you get the stronger the DSR resistance, so itís like always adding weight to the dumbbell, but only works if you focus.

Iím going to log my exercise combinations here as I work this experiment. I love the way it feels so Iím going to try to come up with some good combinations. The plan right now is to kind of focus on particular bodyparts day to do, but not really do a true split routine.

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