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Doc Moore: Fastest Way To Reclaim Youth
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10-23-2017, 03:27 PM
Hello Everyone,

At first glance, 'How to Reclaim Youth' is a very provocative title.

Who wouldn't want that?

Better still, the fact is that most of YOU have no idea of how truly SIMPLE it is once you understand the objective at hand and the procedures necessary to achieve it. Yet, for many it is NOT achievable.


Because they are creatures of habit and convention.

Consider what Doc Moore states about food consumption:

"There is no doubt that fasting promotes levels of self discipline and self control that few other methods approach."

Strength/conditioning/sculpted abs should dictate how frequently you eat.

Why is it, than I can go out and run, and do 20 commandos slow/controlled (TUL) after not eating for 40 hours? Or after 72 hours. And I do this repeatedly.

Eating has entertainment value. Most people are needy/clingy. Positive social contexts. They can't make the psychological shift.

Something to think about.

---John Peterson
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10-24-2017, 01:36 PM
Is "How to reclaim Youth" going to be an article, or Chapter in your next book or a new book?

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