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Isometrics & Neck Training...
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11-12-2019, 03:06 PM
Hello Everyone,

I was just shown a question that I had received about isometrics and neck training.

To clarify, ISOMETRICS when properly performed are the safest and most intense form of Strength Training for any given muscle group and for any given angle at which strength needs to be applied. And yes, this can include the muscles of the neck which also works into the trapezius muscles of the upper back.

As relates to neck training, let's be real there contract sports for which neck strength is a critical component. This is especially true for wrestlers, boxers, and mixed martial artists. Isometrics properly applied are certainly beneficial in developing neck strength but are not the only way to train the neck. Still, one of the most effective Isometric Contraction exercises for training the neck while enhancing full-body strength would have to be the 'nose to mat bridge' held for anywhere from 12 seconds to 3 minutes or longer. Granted, some people do not regard 'the wrestler's bridge' as an Isometric Contraction. I am convinced that people that say that have never done a 'nose to mat bridge' or they would know better.

As relates to Isometrics as a category of exercise being ineffective without neck training that is not what I said or meant. Not at all. However, one fact that is blatantly obvious is that ' the neck' as a body part receives almost no attention in the vast majority of strength and fitness programs and once again I will say that if you are involved in contact sports and particularly the martial arts, not training one's neck can end up being a serious liability.

---John Peterson
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11-18-2019, 07:58 PM

I've added iso-dynamic neck circles to the Tiger 7 moves and it keeps my neck feeling great. I simply contract my neck muscles hard and rotate my neck both directions for 10 reps each. I try to make sure the range of motion is as far as I can go.

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11-19-2019, 05:19 PM
I do quite a bit of neck training and has helped me in other areas of exercise especially for my back. I do up to 200 total reps of self resistance exercises including 25 neck circles each way. When I'm done with those, I usually bridge front and back for 3 minutes each. Holding a bridge is an isometric whether anyone admits it or not and Isometrics for the neck are incredible. I do my best to keep my neck strong and ready for anything. I've even gotten myself out of a chokehold in jiu jitsu with my neck strength and kept up in that sparring match so I was happy about that. Never had a severe injury to my neck and when I did get hurt, I recovered fast. Neck work is essential component to having a strong body and not everyone is going to agree on the bridge and what it does, it's just how it is but if you practice with safety and understand the aspects of it, I don't see the big issue. There are many ways to train the neck without needing to bridge or use a weight.
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