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The Fear of Success
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03-04-2010, 12:36 PM
Hey Friends,

This has been an exceptional thread. I think a major part of the fear of success for many of us is simply getting rid of the old tapes that would like to put us back into the box of who and what we once were. Sometimes it even becomes necessary to sever relationships with old friends that out of jealousy will do all they can to hold us back because that don't want to be left behind in the dust. For that reason they will stand by and ridicule. In that case i say dump them. Such people are not friends. in fact they are enemies to your best future.

---John Peterson
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03-04-2010, 03:01 PM
Thanks for all the replies folks. Very interesting to read and continue the process of "mulling things over." I'd like to let you know Jon that i'm one of those who has lost a lot of weight. I've lost about 40lbs. My fear isn't related to workouts or food. If anything I'm very happy that in my "time off" lately that i've built such a strong temple (my body) that it hardly noticed in the form of weight gain. I know that I won't always have to calorie count, and that meets another goal that I'd set for myself when I started with the counting.

I'm working on the fear though, and i'm please to say that today I'm down to 145.8lbs

Getting fit not only requires strength and determination, but the discipline to do what is necessary to reach your goals.
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03-04-2010, 03:08 PM

Thanks for the feedback and good to hear your doing well. I'm working through all this myself and it is great to hear positive feedback from everyone.

Keep up the great work.

"Everyone has within his power to say, this I am today, that I shall be tomorrow." Louis L'Amour - The Walking Drum
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guts, omad0n

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