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New Isometric Power Belt Course
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01-27-2020, 08:10 PM
Hey Everyone,


As most of you know I have been applying myself with great vigor to Isometrics for the past three years.I can tell you authoritatively that Isometrics absolutely are a great addition to anyone's strength training that wants to achieve the maximum strength in minimum time while losing every ounce of excess fat weight they don't want to carry and to do so in complete safety.

Having stated what I have above I believe there are certain shortfalls of performing Isometrics alone.
These few weak points in Isometric Training are only if doing Isometrics SOLELY without other exercises.

YES, IT IS 100% TRUE that Isometrics will reduce your blood pressure in a magnificent way and keep it lowered if done daily as is taught with the KIVELOFF and CAILLIETMethod. BUT your blood pressure will go back up within a month if you stop the procedure of daily KIVELOFF FULL BODY ISOMETRIC Contractions. The other truth I discovered is that the ISOMETRIC POWER BELT makes the KIVELOFF far more effective than the freehand version. This is because you will simultaneously be PULLING-PUSHING & FLEXING when performing the exercise with the ISO POWER BELT as opposed to flexing only as Dr. KIVELOFF and CAILLIET taught. This, in turn, creates a gigantic increase in full-body strength BUT YOU MUST do other weight-bearing exercises using bodyweight exercises or bodyweight with a weight vest and other Iso-Dynamic Muscle Control exercises so that you will be able to apply that strength. If you don't you can lose a great deal of muscular strength-endurance that allows you to do high volume strength exercises.

Granted, at one point I wholeheartedly believed that I could perform Isometrics solely with the Power Belt and not see a significant drop in my Full Body Strength /Endurance BUT I WAS WRONG. In fact, just two months off of the Weight Vest Power Calisthenics made it impossible to match or come close to my previous strength records. I then applied myself until I had the complete answer and that is to combine Power Belt Isometrics with Weight Vest. I accomplished this by cutting back on the volume of my Isometric Work from 30 to 45 minutes to just 10 to 15 minutes daily and sometimes considerably less. You will discover that once you become truly adept at this you can restrengthen faster by combing the two methods than using a weight vest alone. I KNOW BECAUSE I DID IT.

So what will Isometrics accomplish if done alone? I have no doubt whatever that Power Belt Isometrics will help a person lose body fat faster than any other method one can do. In this, I agree with Steve Justa that lost a great deal of weight and saved his life. Some of you that don't know may not be aware that Mr. Justa had at one point intentionally increased his body weight to the point that he passed 400 pounds and ran into some very serious health complications as a result. He then used Isometrics primarily to lean down in a dramatic way and rebuild his health losing well over 100 pounds in the process. I won't say any more than the fact that he credits Isometrics as a lifesaver.

The above brings up my next point. In doing Isometrics alone I got down to under 155 pounds and looked like skin pulled over muscle and bone. I actually had a problem of blacking out or almost blacking out if I rose from sitting too quickly. I was not on any medications at all. No pain killers. Nothing.

After testing myself on all of my exercises I discovered where it was that I got weakest and then set about rebuilding functional strength with a combination of Iso-Dynamic Muscle Control Exercise that allowed me to regain an excellent measure of all-around muscle strength so that at 165 pounds I am fantastically strong as well as sculpted. In fact, I had gotten up to 175 but determined that I am best at 160 to 165 at this point.

The above health benefits can be accomplished by combining the right Iso-Dynamic Power Calisthenics and Iso-Dynamic Muscle Control Exercises (Self Resistance exercises of all types that pit Muscle against Muscle) and power belt Isometrics. The good news is that you don't need endless sets and reps to accomplish this. In fact, if you are using a weight vest at the right weight you can accomplish the extraordinary by using 40 to 50 rep sets on key exercises at which time you will be performing just 1 to no more than 2 sets to take yourself to total muscular fatigue in which at the end of your sets you are doing partial reps. This is something completely new for me because I grew up believing partial anything was worthless and counter-productive but I have learned otherwise.

So here's what I am going to do. I will be releasing the Total System so that it is 100% complete and you won't need to go back and forth between courses or spend more money.

LET ME ALSO REINFORCE that if your goal is weight loss and fat loss I seriously doubt that anything you can do will work as well as High Volume power Belt Isometrics for that purpose.

ALSO NOTE: I don't believe that Isometrics by themselves can help you achieve a great deal of added muscle size. This was something I wanted to disprove even though I was also told this by Coach James Baley. In fact, your perception may be the exact opposite. As you become dramatically stronger with Isometrics you will see your muscles becoming far denser and more defined before you add any appreciable size and then you will add only so much size because unlike exercises that are based on gravity that dramatically increase blood volume within the muscle tissue by creating a mega-pump, Isometrics instead do amazing things to the quality of your muscle.

This brings up a GOOD POINT. If someone were to ask me about building up size alone I would tell them to not perform Isometrics. For example, if Big Jim Forystek wanted to increase his size of 270 pounds at 6'1" I would tell him not consider Isometrics BUT that if he wanted to lose 50 or more pounds to switch almost exclusively to Isometrics and to just do One Maximum set on each of his Powerflex exercises because then he could lose weight in world record time while maintaining his ability for functional exercises. Believe me, a man with that kind of strength and muscle size that Jim has could put in some extraordinarily intense contractions and thereby accelerate weight loss while achieving amazing definition.

So the bottom line is that I will be announcing the release of the new course when all is tied together.

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