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Clarification About Weight Vest
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02-13-2020, 12:11 PM
Hello Everyone,

I think the vast majority of you already know that I came to weight vest training when I was past the age of 50 but I wish that it had been available to me when I was in my teens because I could have used it to great advantage.

Don't misunderstand, I don't have any regrets that I didn't use a weight vest. None at all.

BUT here is my point about 'when' and 'if' YOU want to use a weight vest.

First off, I had fantastic results in using Charles Atlas's Dynamic Tension which later became the foundation of PYTP and M7.

The only issue (if it is an issue) with Dynamic Tension was that the primary means of advancement was to add repetitions to all of your body weight exercises as the primary means of advancement. That certainly was not a problem because you were building into your body unheard of levels of muscular endurance as well as shape. BUT if your goal was a massive increase in muscle size and strength primarily there was no teaching in the Atlas course on how best to achieve it. This is where I believe the weight vest could have offered a tremendous advantage.

For example, if a man of any age was highly advanced with Atlas's Exercises he was doing sets of 50 or more Atlas Push-Ups and the same was true of Sit-Ups and Squats. In fact I was performing sets of 100 or more on each of those 'Core' Atlas exercises.

What I would do differently today would be to add a weightvest as soon as I had mastered 50 reps on each of the above exercises and then gradually work up to the point that I was performing sets in the same number with the weight vest as I had without. Can you imagine the results of being able to do sets of 50 to 100 of the Atlas Push-Ups and Squats while wearing a 30 to 50 pound weight vest? The combination of simultaneous strength and endurance would be off the charts.

In fact, I have performed sets of 100 Atlas Balance Squats while wearing a 32 pound weight vest and have achieved fantastic 'cardio' as well as strength and endurance from the exercise and it could just as easily be applied with Step-ups.

So the whole point I'm making is to be able to develop the same capacity for reps with the Atlas or PYTP Systems while using the weight vest as you had before using it could bring the results to the 'Off the Charts' category. Seriously, Can you imagine your level of development if you performed 5 to 7 Sets of 50 or more atlas Push-Ups while wearing a 30 pound weight vest? It would also put the muscle exactly where most men want the increase in their chest, arms, shoulders and upper back. Looking back, that is exactly what I would have gone for.

---John Peterson
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