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Shooting Straight & Coming Clean
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09-08-2019, 06:01 PM
Hello Everyone,

Apparently, some people think that I have turned my back on the Transformetrics exercises of my youth that had yielded fantastic results for me. That of course is a ridiculous assumption that is not backed by anything. The truth is that I still do exactly the same exercises I did back then but I do them at a high level of intensity rather than high volume.

Let me explain. When I was going through adolescence beginning at about age 11 I became very aware of physical strength and development. I had started the Charles Atlas exercises in July of 1963 about three months before turning 11. It was a result of a beating by a kid that was 3 years older who was over 6 feet tall and more than 300 pounds of blubber. When I told my Grandfather and Uncle wally about it they immediately got me going on Charles Atlas's exercises and more than that they explained why becoming fantastically strong with Atlas's exercises and method was vastly superior to weights in their opinion and it all made perfect sense to me. At first doing the exercises was really hard and even though I was naturally athletic it was hard to do sets of 6 or 7 on the Atlas Push-Ups because I was going all the way down and all the way up just as Charles Atlas stated and I was just as devoted on every other exercise as I learned it. I believed implicitly in the Atlas exercises because my Uncles (my moms brothers) my grandfather were the best built men in the real world that I had ever seen. They looked very similar to bodybuilders of the day that appeared in bodybuilding magazines but did not have the level of extreme mass that the bodybuilders had in their leg development and my uncles and grandfather all had exceptional 'Lat development' In fact, My Grandfather and uncles were 'ripped' before the word had ever been coined. Each man had a lithe, lean muscularity. To draw a comparison, my sister Diane just told me after viewing my latest cover on "Power Secrets Nutrition" that she can't believe how much my physique matches my grandfather when he was 67. So you see the reason I stayed with these exercises was because of the examples I had seen and had become myself.

Another thing that happened (back to 5th grade and age 11) was that after we had been in school for a few months we then then did the exercises for the presidents physical fitness award. I had only been doing the Atlas exercises for about four months by that time but I so outperformed every other kid on all the tests that my teacher Mr. Jambeck said to me, "Johnny, why are you so much stronger than everyone else? There isn't a single boy in either 5th or 6th grade that is even close to you on those tests." I told him that my Grandfather put me on Charles Atlas's exercises and that i did them every day because of that beating I had taken earlier in the summer. He just reaffiirmed me and asked me if I would show him the exercises. When I told my Grandfather and Uncle Wally they both said that my teacher must be a really good man...and that it was Ok to Show him the exercises..

Any way, I stayed with Dynamic Tension and i remained stronger and fitter than every other kid right through junior high and high school and my friends all called me 'Tarzan'. I even got sent home from school on a couple of occasions in 8th and 9th grade because my hair was too long (I wanted to wear it like Tarzan which I did). Back then all I did was high volume Dynamic Tension doing 500 or more Atlas Push-Ups plus 200 reps each of the other Atlas Perpetual Lesson exercises. The only other thing I did was the freehand isometrics I learned from my uncle Milo.

Fast forward, through the years I excelled in boxing and martial arts. I lived and breathed it. I also took up distance running in 1977 after reading Jim Fixx's 'Complete Book of Running' something I would never have done if I knew then what I know now about distance running depleting male hormone. But guys, back then nobody ever talked about exercises effect on male hormone with the exception of Vince Gironda.

Anyway when I got into my 60s I wanted to make muscles have definition and density. I had a friend that was very convincing about becoming a vegan and I tried it with disastrous results, I started losing both muscle mass and muscle density which was a certain sign that I was depleting testosterone and HGH. That is when I went to Isometrics with a vengeance after remembering my talks with coach James Baley. I even figured out how to re-engineer Baley's Isometric Power Belt to make it work like a dream come true,

It was when I created my own Isometric Power Belt System that I decided to apply Dr. Morehouse's repetition protocols to my Atlas exercises and to do that efficiently I began to use the weight vest in earnest and devoting 8 week cycles to Mass Building (sets of 15 to 20) Endurance (sets of 40 to 50 or more) Strength (Sets of 1 to 5). After I mastered those exercises with a weight vest I then turned to Vince Gironda's set and rep protocols going as heavy as I could while maintaining very strict form. I eventually got so strong with my Atlas III's that I could perform 3 sets of 6 to 8 reps while wearing my 77.7 pound weight vest. This extreme increase in strength while in my sixties is due to first of all to my Hormone Blasting Nutrition (My doctors can't believe what I have accomplished with elevating my testosterone and HGH as a result of natural nutrition and my Isometric Power Belt Training System) The weight vest training augments my Isometrics and gives me a means of testing my Functional Real World Strength. At my seminars I will demonstrate the weight vest exercises and invite any audience member to come up and try the exercises for himself while using my weight vest. Believe me this will be fun to see. It will make the point that I have great strength as well as flexibility because of the Atlas exercise performed with a weight vest. (Continued below)

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