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The World Has Become a Freak Show
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10-08-2018, 02:29 PM
Hello Everyone,

I have been sent the following and asked to comment.

First off, Check this out:

My comment: I'm out of place in time. I have absolutely no desire to fit into the world of today that I consider to be a bizarre freakshow. I grew up in a time of absolutes. From a very early age I knew what was right and I knew what was wrong and it wasn't up for debate. I had a great childhood and youth but somehow over the course of years things have become twisted beyond belief and this so called 'Transgender Bodybuilding Contest' is a perfect example of how the world of today has become twisted beyond belief.

I literally hate the world of today and after I release my Isometric Course I'm dropping out. I have no desire to participate in the strangeness of today. George Orwell nailed it his dystopian novel "1984"published in 1949.We live in the world of "Doublespeak" the language of polar opposites. Up is down and down is up. You're welcome to it if that's what you want...but not me.

---John Peterson
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