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Our policy on posting links to other sites
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01-18-2010, 09:46 AM
Iíve gotten some questions recently about links to articles, books and products on other websites, all of which Iíve discussed privately. Since John, Greg and I have been dealing with this, I thought it would be a good idea to make public our position.

We want to get away from members posting links to commercial sites and products. The primary reason for this is because this is a commercial site representative of Transformetrics rather than the kind of user generated forums that are prevalent on-line. What this means is when a product or site is linked on this site, it is perceived as an endorsement for that site or product by the management of this site. On the flipside, if the product is panned or attacked on this site, it is perceived as an attack by the management of this site.

John Peterson has had difficulty with this in the past. People have attempted to post copyrighted materials here, leaving him and his company open for legal action. On one occasion Mr. Peterson publicly complemented a product openly on the forum and the owner of the product proceeded to use his complement as a commercial endorsement, which was not what Mr. Peterson indented at all.

There have been other incidents that arenít worth going into. Iím only giving you these examples to help you understand the reasoning behind our decision.

The issue of linking to personal blogs also comes up. I know this is a touchy subject because people like to post their or their friendís musings and feel a personal connection to them. Hereís the problem; we donít know what else is on that blog. You might link to a post that is totally harmless with supportive information, when the day before the author gave a graphic review of a pornographic film.

The management here simply does not have the time or inclination to review personal blogs and approve them as appropriate for our members. If there is a website or product you would like to link to, you can get approval by e-mailing John Peterson. If he tells you ďnoĒ, itís not because he doesnít like you or even that he doesnít like the content of the site, it has more to do with what else may be on the site and the fact we simply do not have time to review everything in detail.

This is a very family friendly site and our members have a lot of trust in us to keep it that way. We take pride in being able to tell people that they can feel safe allowing their children to view this site.

News sites and magazine articles to a large extent are appropriate for linking.

If the management does see something linked that is not appropriate, it will be removed. If a member persists in trying to post a link that has been removed, they will be banned, no questions asked.

I do hope this explanation is a satisfactory one. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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