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Use a Little Logic & Common Sense
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09-10-2019, 12:38 PM
Hello Everyone,

I received an e-mail from a man that told me he is a vegan and a Seventh Day Adventist. At the current age of 43, he tells me that his doctor has run a complete battery of tests and has determined that he has the testosterone level of a typical 85-year-old man. As soon as I read 'typical 85-year-old man' I thought to myself that the only way any man gets to be 85 years old is by doing at least a few things correctly.

He told me that he has read extensively about soy being estrogenic and that the arguments Pro & Con are basically pretty even. My response was to say, "Brian, it doesn't matter what anyone says about anything. The fact remains that you consume soy and the tests state that you are 'Low' in testosterone. So isn't it obvious to you that soy has had no protective benefit at least as far YOU are concerned and has possibly been very detrimental?

Let's be clear. I don't recommend a strict vegan diet. If you were Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian you'd be able to have all the amino acids necessary to keep muscles strong and healthy.

As far as your doctor recommending that you consider testosterone shots all I can say is he is your doctor. But before you submit to it be sure to ask him if testosterone by injection would shut down your own body's natural production. (And by the way, I know the truth about that.)

Here's the deal. I have researched this issue for years and I am living proof of the effectiveness of my methods. BUT it's up to every man to decide for himself.

---John Peterson
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