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Realistic Results From Isometrics Alone
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07-02-2020, 05:04 PM
Hello Everyone,

I was on the phone with a man asking about the Living Strength Isometric Course and YES it is coming. He asked me if he could build an exceptional physique using Isometrics alone.

My answer was short and to the point. If you are already heavily muscled with a layer of fat covering your muscles you will be able to lose the fat in world record time with carefully applied Isometric contraction and your physique will a great deal better...IF you like a ripped look. That can be achieved with Isometrics alone.

BUT if your goal is to develop the size of your muscles to the maximum while maintaining a lithe, sculpted look you'll need to incorporate exercises that create an intense "pump" in order to infuse the muscles to the maximum with highly oxygenated blood. You can do this by following "Ultimate Push-Ups For The Awesome Physique". Believe me, performed correctly, the Push-Up alone can give you an awesome pump in your upper body. My friend Jack King had won the Masters Mr. America Contest using the standard bodyweight Push-Up alone as his only pressing movement and the foundation for building his upper body.

The point is simple. Isometrics can give you "off the charts" strength and muscular definition but you must combine them with exercises that create a "Pump" to have enhanced growth. You can achieve both in a fraction of the time by combining Isometrics with Muscle pumping Isotonics.

---John Peterson

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