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Isometric Power Flexes..Nothing Better
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11-13-2019, 03:06 PM
Hello Everyone,

A young man that wants to sculpt his muscles to look like a bodybuilder has asked me if that can be accomplished solely with Isometrics.

My take is that if you want to sculpt your muscles for bodybuilding purposes that you can absolutely accomplish an extraordinary degree of muscle shape and definition (assuming you are following nutrition plan supplying the necessary amino acids to accomplish it).BUT not the maximum in muscle size.

As I have stated before in previous posts, the muscle sculpting benefits of isometric power fles muscle sculpting was clearly conveyed in Arnold Schwarzenegger's first book, "Education of a Bodybuilder". He stated that many months were devoted specifically to building muscle mass through weights, nutrition, and other methods that he did not elaborate on BUT that 3 to 4 weeks before a contest the workouts were then changed to Isometrics power flexes of the 'posing' variety. These 'power flexes' were also the basis of the Isometric Power Flexes that were taught by Tom Buckley in his 1958 Course "Body Tone", as well as those taught by Mike Marvel "Dynaflex" and Mike Dayton in his excellent course "Chi Mind Control". All three of the courses just mentioned were comprised of Isometric Power Flexes that bodybuilders use to display their muscles. Arnold stated that they were used for sculpting, shaping. and defining before a contest. So, if that is true, and it is, there is no reason that they could not be used by themselves to develop an exceptional physique just as Mike Dayton indicted. The only thing that you would lack is the kind of stimulus necessary for adding a great deal of mass.

Do consider something else though. If YOU are satisfied with your current level of muscle mass and have no need or desire to gain additional size you could literally use the 'Isometric Power Flex' Course that is found in IPR that has the same exact exercises as those contained the three courses mentioned above to sculpt and define your physique to it's natural best. Use that course in addition to the Isometric Power Belt Course that will be out in the middle of next month and you would everything necessary to develop both strength and physique to a remarkable degree. DO be aware though that even with the Isometric Power Belt Training System YOU will not be able to achieve the kind of muscle mass that you could add if you were using weights and the reason for this is because of the kind of adaptation your body is forced to make when gravity is amplified as it is in heavy Squats, Bench Presses and other exercises in which gravity is deciding factor. There is just no way around that reality. And for those that would like to remind that in M7 I had stated that you could develop your muscles just as well with Iso-Dynamic Tension exercises as with weights the truth is that I was wrong about that. There is simply nothing that can take the place of the gravitational overload and how your body responds to it. However, IF achieving a lithe, lean and perfectly sculpted appearance is your goal yous simply can't do better than mastering Isometric Power Flexesas a method. If you could Arnold, Mike Dayton, and every other bodybuilder would be using it instead of isometric Power Flexes but the fact is that they DO USE ISOMETRIC POWER FLEXES because for bringing out shape and definition NOTHING IS BETTER.

---John Peterson
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