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Evaporating Load Benefit of Isometrics
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01-08-2019, 03:54 PM
Earlier I had posted why I don't hold heavy things anymore. One of the things I'm liking best about the isometrics I'm doing is that I can put intense resistance on a muscle for the required time, as soon as I release the tension the load reduces almost instantly. For example, assuming I do push just as hard in the squat position, my joints bear the same force as with a weight. As soon as the rep is done the force is gone as compared to holding the weight on the shoulders take a step or two back, steady, do my rep(s), steady, walk back and rack. I'm really only putting force on the joints for the working phase of the exercise rather than the prep and finish phase. Depending on the amount of reps, I might be decreasing the time under force by 50 percent or more. More for fewer reps. I haven't gone over 5 reps in squats for probably the last 3 years. Deadlift I did like to do sets of 20 for the conditioning aspect of them.

As I've gotten older and hopefully wiser, I believe these little extra periods of force on the joints as incurred when getting into position to do an exercise with weights add up and give more wear and tear than is needed for the gain.

For some movements I will say the same for excessive reps. I have had rotator cuff injuries in the past from excessive reps or lack of rest between training or a combination of the two. These days it's how little can I do rep wise to get the desired training stimulus. Deadlifts were one of the few movements I did with high reps for any length of time and that I didn't have joint issues from the high reps.

Gotta run. I'll post more later on how I do "reps" with Isometrics.
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01-10-2019, 09:55 PM
Hello Ware,

Fantastic insights. Thank You for sharing them.

---John Peterson
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