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I joined the Gym and Quit the Gym all in one week!
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05-28-2019, 04:41 AM
Hey all

So last week I joined the Gym again as I find it very hard to motivate myself to train at home, plus I am in the process of moving house and so thought it would be a good escape for me a few times a week. I planned on doing just 2 workouts a week, full body, light weights with higher reps.

I joined, submitted the form online and set up my direct debit (£30 UK pounds a month). I went in and did my first workout (not been to a gym in over a year and to be honest I haven’t done much in the last year due to us having our 2nd baby plus more hours at work etc – Probably done 2 days a week light pushups, bodyweight squats and Karate training).

I ached for 2 days after my workout, but just couldn’t motivate myself to go again. The thought of going to the gym actually depressed me a little (I have always enjoyed the gym) and realising that the 15 min walk each way would be the time I could get in a decent workout at home!

So, a couple of nights ago I actually took advantage of the 14 day cooling off period and quit! I literally joined and quit in one week.

I have decided that from now on, no matter what, I will train either daily or every other day doing mainly the following: Pushups variations, chins/pullups, dips, Hindu squats, bodyweight calf raises, Miracle 7, and Isometrics. As soon as I made my mind up on that I felt so much better.

I therefore cannot wait for your new course john!

Will keep you all posted on my progress

- Kenpopaul
Everything is possible to the person who believes
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