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Success With the Kiveloff Full Body Iso Contraction
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10-11-2018, 06:39 PM
About 10 days ago I decided to quit taking my blood pressure medication. The reason being I was concerned about it going too low.

I had been sporadic at best in doing the full body isometric contraction, now I had an incentive to motivate me to do it on a regular basis. I've been "Greasing the Groove" doing it 3 times each hour. I also spent a lot of time reading everything I could find on the forum about Dr. Kiveloff, and the FBIC.

So I started doing the contraction daily after taking myself off my medication. To my surprise, my numbers are still going down even though the medication has been out of my system for 5 or 6 days now. My numbers this morning were 103/65 with a pulse of 53 bpm.

I don't have a power belt, but over the last couple of days I've been using a contraption I engineered some time ago: 6" Pipe nipples for handles, a chain (Alexander Zass was my inspiration for this) adjustable links to adjust the length of the chain depending on what I want to do, and lastly, a high tech 2x12 with an open faced hook screwed into it to attach the chain to.

I've also noticed that I can contract my muscles harder than I could on day 1.

On a side note, when I do this exercise my wife laughs at me and says "HULK SMASH!"

My thanks to John Peterson, and all those who posted about this on the forum, and special thanks to Dr. Kiveloff.
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