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Which Isometrics Did Bruce Lee Do?
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02-06-2020, 04:53 PM
Hello Everyone

I've been asked which Isometrics Bruce Lee did. The answer is that I do not know.

No doubt the contractions he used were chosen for the purpose of achieving enhanced speed that would ultimately translate to maximized 'striking power'. In fact, as relates to "speed", there are those that say that Bruce Lee was so fast that his films had to be slowed down in order to be able to observe some of his technique.

Before he hit it big as an actor he was teaching actors like Steve McQueen and James Coburn his own brand of martial arts. At the same time, he made a few enemies among the more traditional martial arts instructors due to the fact that Lee was incorporating non-traditional techniques into his own program.

It's almost hard to believe he died47 years ago.

Now, if any of you know which Isometric Contractions Bruce Lee used please feel free to let us know.

---John Peterson
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