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The Super Spreader & Coronavirus
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02-13-2020, 02:11 PM
Hello Everyone,

Earlier today I received an e-mail from a friend, Dr. Jensen, in response to my e-mail asking him just how deadly he believed the Coronavirus really is. The reason I asked is that Doc is reliable and not prone to hyping anything. But also because I have not read anything that succinctly states what exactly is going on with the coronavirus. For example, are Asians more likely to be affected than non-Asians and what exactly happens? Also, if you get it (Coronavirus) does that make you a lifelong carrier like having malaria or some other contagious disease?

His response was that the issue surrounding the Coronavirus IS NOT HYPE. BUT that he too did not have clarity about exactly what happens.

He did say that he believed it had potential to become a catastrophic event or the Red Chinese government would be more concerned about it impact on their economy rather than the health of its people. He also sent me the link below about what is referred to as 'Super Spreaders'.

Granted, it is from Wikipedia and due to that fact, some of you will automatically write it off as inaccurate information.

A brief synopsis:

A super-spreader is an unusually contagious organism infected with a disease. In context of a human-borne illness, a super-spreader is an individual who is more likely to infect others, compared with a typical infected person. Such super-spreaders are of particular concern in epidemiology.

Some cases of super-spreading conform to the 20/80 rule,[1] where approximately 20% of infected individuals are responsible for 80% of transmissions, although super-spreading can still be said to occur when super-spreaders account for a higher or lower percentage of transmissions.

---John Peterson
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