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Intuitive Isometrics
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02-24-2010, 10:33 AM
I have been experimenting with isometrics using the Power Belt. I have been switching back and forth with shorter and longer holds and varying amounts of tensions all in the same workout. All the way from short holds to aerobic isometrics. In the process I have discovered that if on a given day my overall energy may be at a certain level that doesn't necessarily mean that all body parts are in synch and at the same level. So I have just been reacting to each body part exercise intuitively with regard to length of hold and tension. I have found this, at least in my case, to be the ultimate in body/mind training and far superior to other approaches to instinctive workouts that I have tried in the past. Just listen to your body and go with your feelings.
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02-24-2010, 04:32 PM
Hey Gordon.

Brilliant point. I could not agree more. I NEVER USE A TIMER! NOT EVER! In fact Gordon, I have received many e-mails from men asking me what exercises Alexander Zass did while he was in prison and how he developed his Isometric protocols. To each of them I have said, "You're asking a question that you can easily know the answer to without asking anyone. Instead of asking me, just ask yourself, 'What would I do if I were in a 6' X 8' cell with nothing but steel bars in front of me and a small window with steel bars above and behind me. What exercises would I do or could I do? Especially since I don't have a watch or a clock. And what else would I do besides Isometrics?' " Bottomline: It's not rocket science. Anyone in that position would be performing exercises intuitively. YOU'D HAVE TOO. There's no way around it. Zass didn't even have a watch. He didn't have anyone's course or manual. And he certainly wasn't asking the guards how to bend the bars. Instead he used his mind and he taught himself how to go past all of the normal perceived thresh holds of pain and discomfort that are programed into the mind that 99.99% of all people have. Zass broke past all fear and all illusion and all thought of limitation. He became the stuff of legend.

Likewise our students and friends do exactly the same thing. Once they understand,embrace, apply our teachings they break past all preconceived barriers about who they are and what they can do. This is where my critics, the wile e coyotes, are totally blind and completely clueless. They don't understand that our students intuitively learn to use their mind to develop their body's to perfection. Think about it, our friends and students have learned how to drop all self limiting beliefs that once had them locked into someone else's paradigm and a feeling that someone else had all of their answers. Our methods have allowed each man or woman to learn and discover what works best for them because they have been endorsed and validated and encouraged on the path self discovery and self realization. This is exactly how Alexander Zass, The Mighty Atom, Galen Gough, Alois P Swoboda and the greats of the past that we all admire became who they became. Here's the deal. Once they became aware of the self development principles that we teach and endorse in the Transformetrics Training System they then took it upon themselves to make their own application of these principles and refined them to their own best benefit. They weren't asking anybody for permission. THEY JUST DID IT. AND SO DO WE. Just exactly as you have mentioned in your post Gordon.
---John Peterson
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02-24-2010, 08:12 PM
I completely agree. Once you master the basics, doors are opened to you and you get the freedom to create what you want. It does take a bit of effort but after a while your intuition kicks in and it won't be long before you create your Ultimate Routine. We've said this before theres no one way to train and its not ho has the best routine on the forum its about your on creativity and bringing it to life for you no more no less.
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