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We Have Far Surpassed Orwell's "1984"
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03-24-2019, 08:24 AM
Hey Friends,

As a minister I take the Bible very seriously, I mention this because I have had a few people trying to do a 'gotcha' on me by asking me if I take the bible literally.

These people have NOT studied the ancient Greek, Hebrew & Aramaic as I have. If they did they would realize that many of the prophets themselves DID NOT understand what they were seeing but were instructed to write what they saw in their own words with the limited understanding they had for future generations. I'm telling you this for a reason and it is this. I take the bible very seriously and I am seeing how modern technology is literally at the point of fulfilling the complete enslavement of humanity just as the Bible has stated.

At any rate, I invite everyone of my friends to check everything out on your own. Take no one's word for anything. Not me, not anyone---YOU owe it to yourself. I do my best to bring you the best and most accurate information that I can and I always will...BUT we have all been lied to and manipulated by those that do not have our best interests at heart.

Here is an example of the level of control I am referring to:

After viewing it lets discuss it's impact on each of us. God bless YOU all.

---John Peterson
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03-24-2019, 11:56 AM
This is very interesting as today's scientists, as well as ancient sages, view the whole universe as energy and all solid matter, even we human beings, a frozen energy. We are all electro- magnetic beings and when the electricity leaves our body we die.

The following is an interesting quote from Gregg Braden's book "The Isaiah Effect"

" For the Essenes of Qumran, the word "angel" descrbed the elements of our world that today we see as electrical magnetic forces Some forces were visible and tangible, while others were etheric, though none the less present. For example a reference to"the angel of the earth" may include the angel of air and angels of water and light. Forces of emotion and consciousness were also referred to as angels, such as angels of joy, work and love. Such insights into the thinking of the Essenes allow us to view their words 2,500 years later with new hope and understanding."
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03-24-2019, 01:26 PM
I showed this to my high school Driver Ed classes last semester and most thought it was not true. See kids who have grown up with this just dont care of done believe it. They are slaves to their phone and I really believe its an addiction and they just dont want to hear its ruining their life.

"The really great man, is the man who makes every man feel great"
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