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An Answer To The Soy Question
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11-25-2019, 05:37 PM
Hey Friends,

I received an e-mail from a man that is a vegan that is trying to convince me that soy is a good source of complete protein. He was very respectful and it is my intention to be respectful to him.

He sent me the link below that presents a balanced view of both sides of the 'Soy debate'.

I encourage all of you to read it and decide for yourselves.

For me personally, the biggest issue has always been the phytoestrogen content and the effeminizing effects that I saw when I was a young man in my teens when I met a group of Seventh Day Adventist young people at a youth camp. I was a lifeguard. When they were swimming I noticed that a large number of the young guys were exhibiting the signs of Gynecomastia and I wondered why? As it happened I had a number of them asking me about how to develop their muscles and one, in particular, was very embarrassed by his condition. Not knowing anything about his condition I assured him that the Charles Atlas exercises for the chest and upper body would take care of the condition in world record time. It was later that I described it to my Uncle Milo and he said that it was because the Seventh Day Adventists don't eat meat but instead consume large amounts of soy. I had never heard that before and I said, "You mean soy makes a man look like he has boobs instead of pectorals?" His response was, "Probably not everyone but if someone is predisposed to it, it sure won't help." That was back in 1969 and all I knew was that I felt sorry for the young man and asked my uncle if I did the wrong thing by giving him the Atlas exercises and giving him a false sense of hope. Milo immediately responded by saying, "Jackson, those exercises can't possibly hurt and who knows? Maybe it'll end up being just what he needs." Anyway, that is why I have always been suspicious of eating soy.

Now, with the above stated here is the link to the article. Please read it and decide for yourself.

---John Peterson

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