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How The Weights Hurt Jack King
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09-21-2019, 06:58 PM
Hello Everyone,

The man that wrote me such an effusive endorsement about "Ultimate Push-Ups for The Awesome Physique"
has written me again asking if I would just be straight with him and tell him why a return to weightlifting would cause Jack King to become so injured that he could not even return to push-ups.

I guess that's a fair question and I do know the answer because I asked that same question of Jack.

This is what Jack

Originally, Jack began doing Push-Ups because his shoulders and wrists were causing him so much pain that he could do NO PRESSING movements of any kind. NONE.

At first he could not do a standard push-up with feet flat on the floor because that angle tore up his shoulders and yet by putting his feet on an exercise bench that was 16" tall the angle was such that he could perform push-ups with only mild discomfort but not actual pain. Within a few weeks he was at 10 sets of 40 and then 50 and from there his sets started to explode as he went as fast as possible with each set. And within a year he could do 10 X 100+. His shoulders even healed as his pains started to drop off. Eventually he got to doing a Wednesday and Saturday workout of 10 X 150+reps and even did a 2,000 rep workout the Wednesday before winning the Masters Mr America. He won the Masters Mr. America overall at age 61 in 1997.

Jack had won the Mr. America weighing in at 160 pounds. Everyone was awed as he was as ripped as Bruce Lee that night and when one of Weider's writers wanted to write an article about how he developed his Chest and shoulders to such perfection they would not believe him when he told the truth "PUSH-UPS--LOTS OF PUSH-UPS". How many? "Oh, I can do 2,000 in a workout." The guy looked at him like, "Yeah, right." But it was true.

Fast forward. The Push-Up had so healed Jack that his shoulders were completely healed. BUT he wanted to gain size and get back up past 185. He could not do this with Push-Ups so he decided he would go back to weights. So the first thing he did was to test his strength. At 160 he decided to see how 200 pounds felt on the bench press. after more than 5 years away he performed a set of 22 reps and could have made 23 but decided to stop there. Trust me on this 22 reps with 200 pounds on the bench press is a show of awesome strength and endurance when you weigh 160 pounds. Nonetheless, Jack wanted to be doing sets of 6 to 8 reps and before long he was using 245 pounds for multiple sets of 6 to 8 reps and just went up from there. Although his muscles could easily take the increased poundages his joints and tendons couldn't and within 6 months he was no longer able to continue due to excruciating pain. Unfortunately, he couldn't do push-ups either due to the pain.

---John Peterson

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