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Number of Exercises in Isometric Workout
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01-06-2020, 05:34 PM
Hello Everyone,

I will be announcing when the 'Living Strength Power Secrets from the Fountain of Youth" Course is ready for sale and shipment but in the meantime, I am going to answer a specific question. That is, "How many Isometric exercises should one do in an Isometric workout?"

Answer: Most of YOU hate to be answered in generalities but the truth is that It really does depend on several factors including your current level of strength and fitness and the goal or goals you have in mind.

ONE REALLY IMPORTANT DISCOVERY I made is that the more adept you become in your practice of isometrics the more intensity you generate and for that reason, you are accomplishing more with each contraction which in turn means that you do not add more contractions.

There was a time when I did up to 36 X 6-second contractions in a workout but the truth is that I only have so much Nerve Force and to go beyond 12 ultra-intense contractions only depletes me and sets me back and does not yield extra benefit. Realize that I am only talking about me at the moment. After a great deal of study and effort, I have come to the conclusion that I only have so much Nerve Force Intensity that I can generate for a concentrated workout and I have settled on 12-second contractions as working best for me.

On some days, I do three or four body part specialization exercises at three points within the range of motion for a total of 9 to 12 contractions. These contractions are body part specific and are performed in addition to the Kiveloff Full Body Contractions that I perform a dozen times throughout the day. These 3 or 4 exercises are performed in a single sequence and require between 10 to 15 minutes total at 3 angles each.

After training for the past 3 years with intense Isometric Contraction as my foundation I have discovered that 12 contractions are the best level of Isometric training for me. More than that 12 at once depletes my CNS and I would then have to take a day off. So 12 is the sweet spot. There have been many days in the last few years that found me going beyond my recovery range but I eventually have come to 12 as the ideal.

On some days I don't do body-part specialization at all and just perform 12-Full Body Kiveloff Contractions for the day in addition to my dynamic exercises that I also do daily. I have personally become very partial to the 12-second contraction. For some reason, after years of experimentation, it just feels right. As relates to the Kiveloff I perform a contraction and wait until I feel full recovery and then repeat it 2 additional times. I do 4 Xs throughout the day. This method of 12 full-body contractions has a very energizing effect on me that I never find to be depleting. In fact, in mid-afternoon, it is amazingly energizing. By the way, the Kiveloff full body contraction with the Power Belt is amazing because you are simultaneously Pressing, Pulling, & Flexing every muscle in the body as you master it. With the freehand Kiveloff (which is very effective in its own right) you are limited to simultaneously flexing all your muscles at once. That's great but it doesn't come close to the level of full-body contraction with the Power Belt. In fact, every exercise with the Power Belt is a simultaneous full-body contraction because you are stabilizing yourself Isometrically for each and every contraction body part specific exercise.

There may be some of you that can complete 36 or more 6-second contractions in a workout. But for me, the more adept I became at contracting I came to new realizations. For example, I need 12 seconds for each contraction to really focus and get to the point that the last 6 or 7 seconds are at peak intensity.

I am convinced that as each of you begins Ultra Intense Isometric Training and you gradually master it you will come to the realization that nothing is more intense or exhilarating than a real Isometric Contraction. You will discover a very real Psychological as well as Physical component to Isometric Training that simply cannot be explained as you discover new levels of awareness and psychic ability you had not previously tapped into. Mike Dayton alluded to this fact in his Course, "Chi Mind Control" but for some reason backed off in stating this very real phenomenon even though he did tell you in a sense with the title of his course "CHI-Mind Control".

"Chi" in this instance is Dayton referring to what is LIFE/NERVE FORCE and one of the ways that you will know you have truly mastered it is when you see how much more you are capable of in your movement-based exercises. In my case, Isometrics have increased my abilities with weight vest exercises such as Atlas III Push-Ups and Squats. With the squats, I do a single set of 100+ reps with the 52-pound weight vest each day. I realize that a great many of you reading this will think 52 pounds is a joke for doing squats. BUT 100+ consecutive full range squats without weight is a real challenge even for many weight lifters that have never done it as was told to me by Jack King. Jack told me that some kid at his gym had seen my book PYTP and picked it and went through it and thought the idea of doing 100 squats was a joke until he barely made it through 100 consecutive squats and then had trouble walking the next day due to the build-up of lactic acid in his quadriceps. I mention this for just one reason, I GET IT! some of you former weight lifters will think that 52-pound squats or 52 pound Atlas III Push-ups are a joke BUT I assure you that when are able to combine an added level of intensity with the PTPY (Atlas) Exercises that you will have tapped into a unique hybrid that delivers the best of both worlds.

Now some of you may wonder why a guy in his 68th year like me would even care about it as though the best of my life is in the rearview mirror and the answer is that for 3 years beginning in my 65th year I wanted to uncover any secrets of Jacking Up My Testosterone naturally and devoting myself to learning anything about it that I didn't already know. After all, when you accomplish that objective it will be obvious just by looking at your waistline. I heard about the waistline thing when I was just a kid from my Grandfather. He said, "When your waistline is in great shape the rest of you will be too."A few years later in the early 1970s, I read an interesting article by a guy that had been a movie stuntman and a motorcycle buddy of Steve McQueen. He said McQueen had told him that his secret to youthfulness was keeping his waistline in shape and that it was something he was told by Paul Newman in 1956 when McQueen had a bit part in the movie "Somebody Up There Likes Me" that starred Newman as middleweight champ Rocky Graziano. He said he told Newman, "You're totally believable being the shape you're in." And Newman told him, "You can save yourself a lot of hours and starvation by keeping your waistline perfectly tuned." Mcqueen agreed and was almost obsessive about Sit-Ups as a result. And yes friends, there was a time when men did Sit-Ups to get awesome abs.

---John Peterson

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