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An Update & A Reset
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04-02-2019, 07:28 PM
Hello Everyone,

I have never worked as hard at getting something right as I have on the new "Living Strength Isometric Power Belt Training System". There were several times I thought that I had it close to completion only to have two friends that are medical doctors tell me that I am not making things clear enough or that I am saying something that cannot be substantiated. Now I'm at a point of final revisions but even so, there are things that the doctors are correct about. There is simply no way for me to prove to you how much stronger I am as a result of Isometrics or how much stronger YOU will be as a result of mastering Isometric Contraction. This is due primarily to the fact that Isometric Contraction coordinates the mind and muscles to work together and to access the maximum number of muscle fibers for any given exertion. Isometric Contraction and relaxation allow you to access levels of muscle control that you may never have thought possible.

One thing both doctors mentioned is that I do not have an objective way with which someone could measure the increase in strength without testing that strength increase with weights, weight machines or a dynamometer. They are correct about that. In fact, everything they have said is true to an extent but in spite of that my bottom line is that I believe Coach James Baley was shooting straight with me when he told me during our many conversations that he had witnessed first hand seeing men achieve greater results from 25-minute workouts with an Isometric Power Belt than would be achieved with 2-hour workouts with barbells and dumbbells. This was partly due to the fact that the athletes that lifted heavy were stiffer and slower according to Baley who told me that Isometrically trained athletes were much faster and stronger for their size. Baley also mentioned to me how bad he thought compression of the spine is for all athletes and that spinal compression should be avoided at all costs but that it was impossible to accomplish when excessively heavy weights were employed for maximum strength development..

As relates to strength increase, he told me about several middleweight wrestlers that had been isometrically trained that he believed were far stronger in some ways than football players that outweighed them by 70 pounds. He also told me that in EVERY case that he was aware of that Isometrically trained wrestlers were stronger than those who had trained with weights alone. There was one wrestler that he trained with isometrics that wrestled at 165 pounds. He said this guy was so strong and athletic that he could beat everyone on the team including the heavyweight. As relates to swimmers he stated that swimmers that wanted to be as strong as possible without adding bodyweight were far better off with Isometrics than weights and that he had discussed this fact many times with Indiana Swim Coach Jim Councilman who was totally sold on the efficiency of Isometric Contraction. Councilman even told him that when he first coached Indiana that he had no way of recruiting the best high school swimmers so he went with the best he could get and then turned them into champions by making his swimmers the strongest. He told Baley that that had done more to recruit elite swimmmers than anything else. Baley also mentioned York lifter Lou Rieke that was a personal friend of his that told him that Isometric contraction was the only that he knew of that one could access that full limit of lifting strength as he himself had accomplished because Isometrics trained the maximum amount of muscle fibers to contract simultaneously. It was the fact that Isometric Contraction trained the nervous system to the maximum that he believed was the answer for accessing one's maximum strength.

So here we are. I have hundreds of new Isometric Power Belts ready to ship and I am in the process of completing the course that goes with them. I agree with the doctors that the only way to really test your strength gains accurately is with weights, weight machines or dynamometer.

Finally, I admit in the text itself that there are things that I cannot prove scientifically BUT when you see the dramatic increase in muscularity and the lowering in blood pressure and feel as though your body is a great deal lighter as you move with maximum efficiency and economy...that YOU will realize that it is due to mastering Isometrics.

---John Peterson
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